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I was starting to get close to shooting my load of cum in his mouth, and I wanted to delay my orgasm a little longer and enjoy his mouth.
I pulled my cock from him, even though he struggled to keep sucking me, and I said, “Your sucking really feels great, Jim, but I’m getting too close to shooting, and I’d like you to suck my balls for a while. Mature lactating boob pics lactating mature.
Move on down there and taste my hairy nuts.
” I then lifted my nut sack and Jim immediately started licking and sucking me.
I would never have imagined that it would be that easy to make him my cock sucker, and I was really enjoying his mouth on my nuts. Gym sluts of hartford connecticut.
My wife rarely sucked my cock, but she never had sucked my balls.
He continued hungrily sucking on my scrotum sack and balls, and I thought I would try one other thing.
I slowly scooted down a little farther on the couch to partially expose my ass, and I lifted my balls out of the way and pulled Jim’s mouth to my swollen perineum.

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I know that is getting pretty close to my asshole, but he did not hesitate to cover my perineum with his mouth and hungrily suck it.
I was confident that it would only be a matter of time before I would be sitting on his face with him enveloped in my hairy ass and sucking my asshole. Rusian pee hole.
Jim had been sucking my cock, balls and perineum for about a half hour, and I was getting anxious to cum.
I said, “Okay buddy, it’s time for me to cum in your mouth.
I want you to turn around and sit in front of the couch and lay your head back on the seat. Anasteisha69 www usa wepcam fat women sex video com.
I’m going to kneel in front of you and fuck you face and then feed you my cum.
Get ready since all of your sucking has worked up a big load.
” He didn’t even hesitate to get into position or to argue about me ejaculating in his mouth. Porn webcams no sign up.
I got in front of him and pushed my still-hard and throbbing cock into his mouth and began to thrust into him.

He was actively sucking my cock and sticking his tongue into my foreskin every chance he got. Gay masters on cam.
I continued fucking his mouth and soon my cock was throbbing and pulsing as I shot a huge load of my fuck juice into his mouth.
I believed Jim when he said that he had never sucked a cock before, and I was amazed at how easily he swallowed my seven strong pulses of cock cream and continued sucking me after I was empty, and my cock was softening. Mandy moore who is she dating.
I had no idea that a first-time cock sucker would be that enthusiastic and willing to please me.
I finally pulled away from Jim and we sat down on the couch again.
He was the first to speak and said, “Oh shit, Phil, I had no idea that your cock would taste that good and feel so good in my mouth. Bisexual men dating.

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