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“You’re getting wet aren’t you? You know I’m about to kiss my way up your legs and dive into that tasty pussy of yours.
” I wriggled more.
That girl could eat pussy like she was starved and to be fair, we’d just had a couple of lean weeks in that department. Free video of milf rider1 janet.
I groaned as, true to her word, she kissed her way up my thighs, but prolonged my torment by bypassing my pussy and softly kissing my tummy, then my breasts.
She tugged on my nipples with her teeth, then sucked them deep into her mouth, so I could feel her piercing pressing against them as she rolled her tongue over them.

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“Fuck,” I gasped out, hands clenching.
“It’s been too long, baby.
I almost feel I could cum from that alone.
” “Oh no you don’t, I’ve got plans for you to cum all over my face.
” With that, she released my breast and trailed kisses down my tummy to my smooth mound. Tranny rimjob movies.
“Mmm,” she purred, as she settled into the task at hand.
“Hello, my pretty kitty, where have you been.
And what do we have here?” I’d been grinning at her insistence of talking to my pussy, but that changed to a gasp when she tugged on my piercing. Mike armine girls dating.
“Oh, you like that, don’t you?

You’re so wet.
I like when you’re this wet.
More for me to savour.
” Her tongue snaked its way into my tight hole and I groaned loudly.
I could feel her piercing and felt like the naughty princess from the fucking pea story. Sex personal in mentone.
How could such a little thing make such a difference? It was exquisite, her soft tongue and the hard piercing lapping at my neglected pussy.
When she trailed her tongue up and licked around my clit, I lost all coherent thought. The best dating sites.

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