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It was no wonder the old bird was so proud of her jugs.
With an unfriendly smirk, Cindy thrust forward.
Patricia didn’t flinch, simply watching as the redhead’s milky orbs met hers, both sets yielding slightly. Indian boy yod on masturbation.
As the initial contact registered, both women grunted softly.
They pulled away soon enough, only to bring their ample boobs together in another gentle push.
Each seemed satisfied with simply testing the waters for now, and Marcus leaned back, trying to find a more comfortable position. Angelnicolle only russian porn video online.
His erection was already quite painful, and something told him it would only get worse.
He watched as the the busty women started jabbing their chests together in a steady rhythm.
Both pairs distorted at the point of contact, compressing as the supple flesh was forced outward by the opposing set.

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Neither’s jugs seemed to be more affected that the other’s, and waves of ripples flashed across their exposed racks.
Marcus noticed his girlfriend glance down to gauge the battle that was raging between their busts, and looked on as the girl shoved her thick breasts harder into Patricia’s, each fighter gaining or loosing footing with each movement. Nude women moriarty.
The younger woman shoved her torso to the left while her tits were still touching the blonde’s, sending a quick shot into the larger breasts and causing them to shake and wobble slightly.
Cindy’s mouth began to curl into a smile, but quickly returned into a tight line as she felt the cougar push back. Dating agency soulmates personals directory site.
Her boyfriend could see Patricia’s jugs pushing the redhead’s pale flesh back a bit before the two women separated and each pair regained its natural shape.

Surprising the college girl, Patricia suddenly thrust her substantial chest forward. Married local hookups.
The maneuver was accompanied by a dull thud, and Cindy hissed.
Patricia grinned, rearing back for another strike, only to find Cindy’s supple chest smacking into her own.
This time the older woman let out a grunt. Girls flashing on webcam.
She pulled back slightly, and both women stood cautiously, unwilling to give the other a free hit.
They stared at each other for a few seconds before stepping forward at the same time.
Their four breasts met with a smack and molded together. Cougar and kitten lesbian scissoring.
Marcus watched as all four mammaries began to flattened at the front, their ample flesh pushing out and to the sides.

Even so, fairly little ground was being gained, and the two women began grinding away at each other’s breasts with more powerful movements. Black gay raw.
The soft sound of breasts slipping over the other pair began increasing in intensity as sweat began to appear on both women’s tits.
“I’ve always wanted to crush a little bitch like you, Cindy,” Patricia hissed and thrust hard into the opposing rack. Free latina hardcore movies.
The college girl flashed her opponent a mocking smile, but couldn’t conceal a small grunt as her boobs took the blow head on.
The older woman noticed, and quickly shoved again.
Cindy staggered back for a step or two, and Patricia immediately took advantage. Datingdiscount com.
She began rapidly thrusting her larger teats into the redhead’s now jiggling orbs, taking delight in the girl’s quiet gasps and grunts.

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