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Cracked panes, the windows, Soot on the past embers, Frozen dust in the corners, Memories of our fires And kindling love.
Years before aging bones, Dancing in twilight, our desires, Now the harpsichord has dead keys And wreath of acorns in your hair, Lay scattered about on the oak. Female jersey sperm.
With broken string of my harp, I cry myself to weep, Of many November’s ago And still of silence wafting, In a room without straw.
I was on the bed between Becky and David.
They were each playing with one of my breasts. Halloween strip.
They were sucking and biting my nipples.
At the same time, each kept their fingers busy tormenting my pussy, arousing me to a state of animal lust.
Using their legs, they held mine open and bent at the knees. Gif xxx indonesian girl.
This gave them full access to my unprotected cunt.
One had two fingers deep inside me, fucking my pussy.
The other was rubbing my clit until it was so sensitive I was crying out as I moaned.
I felt the walls of my pussy close on the fingers inside as spasms shook me.

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A drawing from deep inside was raging to get out.
As Becky and David both bit on my nipples, one set of fingers drove deep into my pussy, while the other fingers became solid.
I screamed as the fingers started to slap my pussy and the wet sounds drove me over the edge. Directions for do-it-yourself bikini wax.
I screamed my way through the hardest and longest orgasm I had ever had.
When I felt the energy start to falter, I tried to collapse onto the bed.
I was still in a bad state, and my body shook each time a finger was passed over my clit. Amy lee fucking another girl.
I stifled a moan as the fingers were withdrawn from my pussy.
I laid still with my eyes closed, still reveling in the feeling of total bliss.
I had never been taken to this level of pleasure.
I felt Becky shift on the bed as she settled her knees between my legs.
“Bend your knees and lift your ass a little,” I heard Becky say. Foksymegan bbw adult video chat.
David released my other leg.

As I looked down, I raised my ass off the bed.
I watched Becky slide a pillow under my hips.
She was still between my legs as she laid down with her head at my pussy.
I started to say something, but David raised off the bed and straddled my waist. Sexualplasure sex arab cam com.
As he leaned forward, he grabbed the sides of my breasts as he positioned his cock between them.
He squeezed them together around his cock, sandwiching his cock tight in the recess of my breasts.
It was hidden so well I did not see even the tip until he started to move his hips forward. Canadian amateur dating.
The head of his cock peeked out as I felt it move up between my breasts.
I was so mesmerized by the sight of his cock moving back and forth between my breasts that I paid no attention to what Becky was doing until I felt something warm and soft snake its way between the lips of my pussy. Free gay porn videops gay.

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