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I’m not sure I wouldn’t try to hold him, if I felt him slip away, but I vow to make that something he won’t want to do.
I feel like I’ve found a man, a buddy, a mentor and a lover in one person.
He’ll need room to continue being what he is, a humble skydiver who others will emulate, a skydiving instructor, a video editor, and a university professor.

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I will be a student with aspirations of becoming a humble redhot skygoddess, an engineer when I have to, and whatever else life calls on me to be, but we will start into the future together, ending our loneliness and sacrificing a little independence for the rewards of cooperation.
“I’m so thirsty I could lick the sweat from your balls.
” He laughs and releases me from the hug.
“Yeah, we kind of got sidetracked on the way to the beer.
” He pulls two from the fridge and opens one and hands it to me before opening his and taking a big swig.

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I wet my pipes and sigh contentedly.
“This is such a different life, but I like it.
” “It’s too wild for most people, especially women.
” “Oh, it’s just what I needed.

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