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Stacy was licking at her cheeks and at Jim’s balls and wanting some of her father’s cum for herself, but Ann held on, draining every drop from the tightened balls until his cock began to shrink.
Then she removed her lips, holding them together and tossed her hair over her shoulders and turned her face toward Stacy. Bimbo face mature sitting smothering.
She opened her lips to reveal gobs of cum on her tongue, and Stacy immediately clamped her lips over Ann’s and jabbed her tongue inside, scooping up all the remnants of her father’s cum.
The two women kissed and swapped cum as Jim settled back onto the bed with a sigh, massaging his deflating cock. All natural huge tits.
They held each other tightly, their breasts pressing together.
Stacy’s head poked over Ann’s shoulder, and her eyes locked on her father’s.

Oh Daddy, that was wonderful, she said, her eyes filled with love and expended lust. Looking for text sex chat r elizabeth new jersey.
Daddy? Ann said.
He’s your actual father? Yes, Stacy said, but we’re really a couple, so I’m his girlfriend too.
Well, that’s a new one for me.
I’ve never fucked a father and daughter together before.
But you liked it, Jim said. Sweetladies- sex chat no sgin ups.
Oh, yeah, it’s just that I, well, yeah it was hot, she said.
But? Jim asked with his voice.
No regrets.
It was hot, and I wanted it.
It’s just that, to continue my thought, it made me think of my mother and what it would be like to fuck her. Russiansex pon teeneg big cock.
Oh wow, Stacy said.
We’re meeting up with a couple, uh, tomorrow night, and the woman is older, like 50 I think.
Would that be about the age of your mother? Yeah, pretty close.
Why don’t you come over and you can see what it’s like with her and then, well, it might give you some ideas.

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I’ll think about it.
A couple, you said? Yeah, it’s our first time with them.
A fivesome.
That would be something else new.
The next night Art and Shelly showed up promptly, with a bottle of wine in hand. Seasoned busty beauties.
Stacy ushered them in, and introduced them to Ann and Jim.
They shared hugs all around and Jim went off to get some glasses while the others sat down.
When he walked back in and handed the drinks around, Art and Shelly were sitting close together on the couch and Ann sat in the chair with Stacy at her feet. Face down ass up university free.
Jim sat next to Shelly, so she was sandwiched between the two men.
Shelly, though she was close to 50, was still a knockout.
She wasn’t overweight at all, and was dressed all in black: a tight-fitting stretchy black top that clung to her upper body and revealed that she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra by the stiff nipples poking through, and black shorts that were just as tight and form fitting.

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Jim could see the camel toe of her pussy through them and could practically feel the heat emanating from between her legs.
Art was dressed in the man standard of loose fitting T shirt and knee length shorts. Nude womens weigh in.
He was staring at Ann’s long form with her platinum hair draped over her shoulders.
She looked into his eyes and then down at Stacy, who was cradled against her legs.
Ann reached down and began fondling Stacy’s breasts, reaching a hand inside her unbuttoned shirt that appeared to be one of Jim’s and hung down past her waist. Edje-love chat webcam gratuit.

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