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Uncle James was now getting proper impatient.
He raised his voice.
Do as I say! Now! Or I’ll tell your Mum about the gay porn! I bent forward, held on to the back of the chair and I stuck my bum out.
I could feel my nylon trackies stretching tight over the cheeks of my arse. Lesbian golden pee.
I stayed bending forward waiting for Uncle James to spank me through my tight trackies.
I waited for my very first spanking, my stretched trackies clinging to my throbbing dick.
And then…oh fuck…that I didn’t expect – When Uncle James said he was gonna give me a spanking I thought he meant through my trackies. Bad taste when i lick my lips.
The thought of him pulling my trackies down never entered my head.
This was well fucking pervey.
Uncle James, he pulled my trackies down over my bum.
My trackies stayed up at the front, the nylon tugging down on the swollen head of my stiff cock.

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Then Uncle James slipped his hands round to the front and he pulled my trackies down over my hard dick and just for a second or two his fingers touched the naked head of my dick.
He was my Mum’s boyfriend for fuck’s sake. Myamazingass skype webcams sex.
He shouldn’t be touching my boned up cock.
It was so wrong.
But yeah, it felt proper nice.
My Mum’s boyfriend, he pulled my trackies all the way down and I lifted up my feet so he could pull my trackies completely off and I was bending forward in the nude, completely starkers, holding on to the back of the chair, my back arched, my bare bum pushed out. Dead or alive kasumi and ayane.
Uncle James toldl me to spread my legs.
So I spread my legs wide and I stuck my bare bum out some more.
My bum cheeks were well spread and the skin was stretched well tight over my bum cheeks.

I’d never felt this horny ever. In her big anal.
I stuck my bare bum out for my Mum’s boyfriend, stuck it out as far as I could.
I knew he could see my arsehole.
And I felt proper rude showing him my arsehole like this.
This was so wrong.
And I knew he could see my balls from behind. Trans sexual sex.
My Mum’s boyfriend, he put his hands on my bare bum, had a good feel of it.
He was getting a real good feel of it before he spanked it.
Yeah, I could understand that he’d need to get a good feel of it before he started spanking it so I let him feel it but why…why…I didn’t understand why he…I didn’t understand why he had to keep slipping his fingers in my crack like that. Hot pussy in lubbock texas.
Why did he keep touching my bumhole? This was so wrong but yeah, it felt nice when he touched my bumhole and I pushed my bum out even more, pushing my tight little bumhole against his fingers.

And then…oooh…he started to spank me. Shaven thumb or gallery.
He gave my bare bum a good spanking with the palm of his hand.
Aaah! He spanked both cheeks one at a time, going from cheek to cheek, and the harder he spanked me the hotter my bum got.
Aaah! No! Aaah! Oooh! Women web cam chuluota. Oh fuck! Aaah! Oh fuck.
Oh yeah.
This was a new experience, having my bum spanked and…oooh…having my bum spanked and…oooh…it was so weird.
My cock had never been this hard, never felt this good.
All the time he was spanking me he was telling me that I was a naughty boy for looking at gay porn. Goools aunties for sex.
You naughty, naughty boy! Oooh! Aaah! That’s for looking at all those pictures of naked men!

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