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Knowing that I am also now naked in front of you makes you even wetter, to the point where you can feel your juices flowing out of your pussy and down towards your ass.
You feel me lean up next to you, and whisper closely in your ear, “You are so sexy right now. Sexy women san jose de costilla.
Your pussy looks soaking wet.
” I slide my hands slowly down the front of your shoulders and onto your tits.
I stop at your nipples to pinch them just a little, but just for a second.
My hands keep working their way down the front of your stomach to just above your pubic bone. Gangbang assholes handjob penis and crempie.
Your breathing gets sharper as you know that I am about to touch your pussy, and it’s on fire.
My hands stop just above your pubic bone, and I slowly massage you just above your pubic bone.

This has a crazy effect on you, feeling the light pressure all the way through you. Accidental coed naked stories.
My fingers start to reach down over your pubic bone, where I slide my fingers just along the sides of your pussy.
You are completely soaked, and you rock your hips side to side a bit, trying to get my fingers to go inside you. Adult phone sex harwood maryland md.
“Someone seems pretty anxious for me to be inside her.
Patience my little sex toy.
” I tell you.
My fingers slide up and down the sides of your slit a few more times slowly, then I gently bring my fingers together, right onto your clit. Creming wet masturbation orgasm.
I lightly rub over it.
At the same time, my mouth moves down to your breast and I start to suck on it.

You start making little noises along with your quick breathing.
I start to push a finger inside of you, and you press your hips down as much as you can onto me. Alexis love anal.
I can’t believe how wet you are.
I take my finger all the way out of you, only to hear you whimper that you don’t want me to stop.
This time I slowly slide two fingers into your dripping pussy.
I slide them in as far as I can, and then massage your clit/pubic bone with the palm of my hand. Demon sex game.
I do this for about ten seconds when you start to hyperventilate, telling me that you are coming.
I can feel you pussy muscles squeezing around my fingers as you cum for the first time, mostly from the anticipation of everything that has been happening. Glamorous shemale pics.

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