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Afterward she asked me to wait until I softened a bit before I pulled out so as to minimize the discomfort to her.
So I laid on her hot moist little body and finally let my cock slip out.
After a brief rest we had sex the whole rest of the night. Cushin for the pushin nude girls.
I came at least four more times and we were completely exhausted as the morning sun started shining into our room.

I was now officially addicted to her.
We talked a couple more times the following week, often sexual discussions like me telling her how much I enjoyed being the first to do anal sex with her and her telling me how she wished we were closer so we could be in bed together every day. Deep throat aids.
The conversations morphed into phone sex as she would tell me how she wanted to suck and fuck me the next time we got together or how she wanted for me to try new things with her.

She also often kept reminding me about how I had told her how turned on I had been watching her getting fingered at the party. African g i r l xxx come.
She asked if it would turn me on to watch her with someone else.

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