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He turned his head to regard me as I approached the doorway.
His face betrayed no emotion.
He was still in his work clothes, the top two buttons of his shirt undone and his tie loosened.
I wondered if he’d been having a hard day, if his message earlier had been prompted by him knowing that later on he would be in need of some fun which I was more than happy to provide. Cool shaved head.
He didn’t look stressed though, just calm and strangely focused.
You’re late.
He took a drag on his cigarette and reached for his drink.
I know! I’m so sorry.
I said, smiling apologetically.
I was about to launch into an excuse when he cut me off. Tourist need advice.
You better go and stand over there.
He motioned with his head towards the fireplace, directly in front of him.
What? Are you putting me in the naughty corner?

I was trying to sound unruffled, but he had caught me off-guard. Girls looking for sex agency iowa.
I want you to go and stand over there.
He spoke with deliberate slowness, his voice flat but insistent.
I thought I saw his eyes glint mischievously.
What was he up to? Smiling again to hide my confusion and nervousness, I did as he said. Gagged orgasm.
He looked me up and down, his face inscrutable as he took in the short black dress with a low scoop neck that clung to my curves, my long dark hair set in loose curls and my red painted lips.
He narrowed his eyes and smiled. Howard stern tranny contest.
Now take off your dress.
What? Take off your dress.
Do you have to be told everything twice? My heart thumped.
This demeanor was all new to me.
There’d been no hint of this the last time I was here, when we’d fucked for the very first time on his couch after he’d taken me out to a restaurant close to where he lived, and asked if he wanted to see his apartment.

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I’d accepted gladly, fired up from his hand on my thigh under the table during dinner and the looks he’d given me across the table, hungry for more than the delicious food we had eaten.
When he’d started to kiss me after a giving me a brief tour of his place – which was hard-edged and unmistakably masculine, all black furniture and stark white walls – I had willingly submitted to his advances, weeks of longing finally fulfilled. Window pussy.
Now, he’d thrown me a curveball.
Slowly, with slightly nervous movements, I slipped my arms out of the long sleeves and peeled off the dress until it fell to floor.
That’s better.
He smiled approvingly as I stood before him in just my black lacy bra and thong, my stockings and suspenders and heels.

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I knew that sex would be on the cards tonight, but not like this.
I tried not to let my face betray my conflicting emotions.
Part of me wanted to run out of the door, away from the searing heat of his stare burning into me and out into the safety of the cool night air. Mature gangbang cum shot.
But another, it seemed stronger part of me wanted to stay, was turned on by the undercurrent of danger and the electricity in the room.
I smiled back at him, my arms awkwardly at my sides, not knowing quite how to act around this new persona of his. Somali girls fucked pics.
Of course he would tell me.
Take off your bra.
I want you to show me your tits.
The words escaped bluntly from his lips along with a cloud of smoke.

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