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I managed a giggle, as Alex yanked Ursula’s leash.
Ursula was watching the whole thing with a blank expression.
Alex held Ursula’s head like before and pushed her face into the toilet bowl! “Now lick up all the hot spunk your lover shot out! Big butt redheads videos. Don’t you dare miss a single drop, cunt!

It’s precious nut-butter!” Alex howled in a dominating tone.
Ursula’s head popped up and down; with her face inside the toilet bowl.
I wondered how she’d find all the white semen in the white toilet bowl. First night in bed.
“Rub her pussy with the urinal cake,” Alex instructed me.
I went behind Ursula and pulled out the pink urinal cake out of her wet pussy.
I started rubbing the worn-out cake all into her vulva, clitoris and pussy lips.

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Ursula’s echoing moans could be heard in the bathroom; coming from inside the toilet bowl.
Her butt-plug sight started giving me another aching erection.
Suddenly, Alex lifted her elegant right foot; and placed it on Ursula’s head! Big and fake milf. The lovely platform heel poked into Ursula’s skull.
Alex completely forced Ursula’s head down the toilet bowl.

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