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But we wouldn’t tell him anything.
“You’ll find out later, baby,” Liss said mischievously.
“Meet you by the flagpole after school,” I said.
We didn’t have the last class together.
When we got home, Liss and I hustled upstairs with Luke trailing behind. Oral under desk.
Before we left this morning we had double checked the dvd was set and the remote on the bed.

“Make yourself at home guys.
I’ll just run down and get us some drinks,” I said.
Liss turned around and flashed me a big smile. Vavanmm free no signup live sex girls.
I winked at her and said “Behave yourselves.
” While I was in the kitchen, Liss and Luke had made themselves comfy on my bed.
Settled against the bed board, Liss reached over and flicked on the tv.

An image of two dark haired beauties blared onto the screen, a raven hair brunette kneeling in between the long, tanned legs of burgundy brunette. Shower milf threesome.
The raven brunette had her head buried in burgandy’s lap.
Soft cries filled the room.
Returning to my room, I paused at the doorway.
Glancing into the partially closed room, I saw the movie was playing.

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