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Their hungry lips trailed burning lines of love across each other’s body, only to meet up in fiery kisses in between, and without conscious thought, their thighs slid smoothly over heated mounds.
The cold, the wind, the wetness didn’t matter. Beautiful busty redheads.
Sparkling drops soon coated all their skin but only added to their beauty, and between their thighs burned bubbling hot volcanos needing to erupt.
They held their motions, and a look of understanding passed. Sucking black shemales and crossdressers.
Holly couldn’t grasp her joy when Lucy’s fingers slid between her moist, hot petals, so forbidden and so intimate.

She gently mirrored Lucy’s touches, slow and teasing, full of love.
Their breaths hitched in time when daring fingertips pushed deeper inside satin folds. Free photo lesbian bsdm.
Moans filled the air.
Holly gyrated her hips on that delicious finger spearing her and felt her walls clench down on it to never let it go.
She moved her own first out, then in, and felt delicious trembles race through Lucy’s womb. Milfs deep throuting cock.
Their kisses soon turned frenzied.
Holly felt a joy she’d never known bubble up on waves of heated pleasure from her loins, and then she toppled off the cliff and tumbled through the purest love.

She came and came, with Lucy’s name flowing forth in jubilation from her lips, and heard her own name shouted in delight as they both writhed in passion, surrounded by fire and ice. Jack off jill buddy icon.
Close by, behind a pillar of basalt, a beautiful, white-haired woman wiped away a tear and smiled.
The waterfall of Seljaland gushed eagerly from high above.
The low sun broke and sparkled in its spray.

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