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“UHH!” I gasped and removed my hand.
This woke me right up and brought me to my senses.
“Oh Matt, I’m so sorry for doing that! I had no idea I was touching you that way.
” The embarrassment was almost overwhelming, but there was something else as well. Gavrik25 free private cam shows.
I had noticed that when I realized I was touching his penis and moved away, I actually dragged my hand it over its length and could feel its size, girth and hardness.

This again caused an uncharacteristic reaction in me as I continued to profusely apologize to Matt. Dating azdg ki.
“Please don’t be angry, I had no idea.
You know that I would never try to take advantage of you like that?” I stammered.
“Really! Oh god, I’m so embarrassed.

please forgive me, Matt.
The last thing I wanted to do is upset you,” I continued. Topless hot girl seldies.
“It’s alright,” he said.
“I’m not angry at all – don’t worry about it,” he said reassuringly.
“Are you sure.
I, I mean.
” “Stop.
it’s okay, I’m really not angry at all.
” After a few moments, I finally asked the question. Best joomla dating template.
“Well, what are you doing in the bed – I thought you were on the couch?” I said, trying to shift at least some of the blame to him.

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