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Instantly, this fantasy became amazingly real, and it pushed me over the edge.
Jim sucked my clit, and I fucked this huge vibrator while imagining that it was Jill’s lips and mouth sucking on me, and Chris’s dick inside me.
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that’s it.
oh fuck baby.
you’re going to get me.
oh shit, it’s going to be a good one.
Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” I cried out as I came.
Strange sounds emanated from me as I convulsed repeatedly, pressing the huge plastic dick deep into my cunt as my husband nursed on my engorged clitoris. Peeing in the crate.
My orgasm seemed to go on and on and on.

I could not stop cumming.
Finally, I needed to stop or I would pass out.
“Oh, thank you honey.
I needed that.
Let’s take care of you now,” I said as I leaned forward to allow the vibrator to slip free from my vagina. Nancydi live love xnxx.
Jim caught the vibrator as it slipped from my vagina, twisted the base to stop the loud buzzing, and set it on the side of the bed next to us.
I rolled off him, on my back.
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You need to be on top.
Come over here and fuck me.
” Jim was so hard that his erection looked as though it hurt.

Jim positioned himself between my thighs and started to enter me.
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I don’t know if you can even feel me.
God, your pussy is absolutely sopping wet.
” Jim slid right into me with no resistance.
He was right; at first, I could barely feel his girth.
Jim is a reasonably well endowed man, but he is certainly not as large as that monster toy that I had just wedged inside me. Sinfulyouth online chat cam to cam.

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