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With a puzzled look, the naked man looked at the swimsuits of the neighbors who were already standing in front of him.
– And, what are you going to leave? We are not satisfied with you? With some misunderstanding, a man asked.
– No, answered Lera.

– We plan to stay here overnight, Roman added.
– Well, then why dress? Are we all here in the same conditions? The man said, rounding his eyes.
– You are sorry, but we are not nudists, we thought that nobody ever happens here, so they took off their clothes so as not to wet them, Lerochka said calmly.
– Here’s your time.
And there was nobody else? We met one couple on the Internet, and they threw off a plan of this place for us to meet.
I wandered for a long time on country roads, and then accidentally came across.
And it seemed to me that this is you.
– No, we did not give such announcements, just loved, and drove here just by chance, returning from their parents, Roman answered.
– Come on, what’s the difference, now it’s too late to look, and where, I drove the whole neighborhood in the morning, probably someone pinned us.
And you do not pay attention to us, we are accustomed to this for a long time, and the children, too, said the man.
– Yes, we are not ashamed, though Roman, and could support you if there was only an adult company, but it is inconvenient, you have such mature son and daughter, smiling, Lera said.
Yes, children grow up unnoticed, the daughter has already graduated from school, and her son has two more years left.

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Well, we stand, go to the table, drink a cup, get to know each other, and we’ll talk about everything there.
The united company amicably sat down at the table, the children on the one hand, the adults on the other.
The man poured all the wine in his own half, and offered a toast to the acquaintance.
– I’m Lera, and this is my husband Roman.
– It is very pleasant, and I am Irina, the husband Gregory, and our children: Zhenya and Olga.
– We are also very pleased, answered Lera, sipping only slightly.
– But no, it will not work that way, for the acquaintance it is necessary to the bottom, smiling slyly, said Irina.
It’s just dry wine, she added.
– I understand, but in my position: Lera said in embarrassment.
– Are you pregnant? I never would have thought.
Usually, I immediately identify women, and I can even predict the approximate time, Irene said confidently.
– No, we are only planning, Lerochka somehow uncertainly answered.
– ABOUT! Let me guess, you are most likely newlyweds, and you are on your honeymoon, exclaimed the woman.
– Yes, you can say so.
Although we have been officially married for more than ten years, and we already have two sons, so we want another girl.
– Commendable guys, you are great! In our time, few people decide on the third.
And we did not dare, Ira added with irony.
– Come on, you have a beautiful daughter! And we also need a girl.
– Well, such beauties are born only from my husband, I can advise, as Irina would say by the way.
Our daughter is not at all like me.
Leggy, skinny, and chest almost flat.
– Well, Mom, that’s enough

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Look at yourself, your daughter was indignant.
– What is enough, you young people are completely crazy with this thinness! Look disgusting, all around anorexic.
You pay attention to this young woman, and breasts and butt, it is expensive to see.
– No, you look at its proportions, you can think about a diet, the daughter answered sharply.
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