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She lives for him, she, of course, serves him around the house, but the main thing is that she must satisfy the sexual appetites of the dominant.
I don’t pay attention to other sounds you make.
Let’s start your training right now. ”

She was ashamed, but she obeyed.
She undressed and approached, he sat in the chair and looked at her with interest.
“Stir, that you barely move!” – Sorry, I have never undressed before an unfamiliar person – I am not unfamiliar – I am your master, maybe I should take a closer look at you.
He examined her from head to toe with a lustful look, felt his chest, Galina blushed.
“Now turn around.”
He examined her from behind.
His hands are businesslike.
We walked on her back, felt her ass, then her hips.
“And now bend down, lay your chest on the table and spread your legs.”
She had never had anything like this before, she was very embarrassed, but she could not disobey this imperious voice.
She got up as he said.
His fingers penetrated her womb.
Everyone felt there.
Then came the turn of the anus.
She screamed in surprise, no one took her anally.
“What are you shouting? This place is also interesting for me” – But I never went there once.
I’m afraid.
– Nothing.
Being the first to introduce you to anal sex – it even excites.
-Something good.
He unzipped his pants and approached her from behind.
“Spread the buttocks with your hands, it will be more convenient for me.”
Previously, Galya only read about this now.
He pushed into her and began to move in her, grabbing her by the hips.
Galina was hurt by being unaccustomed, but some kind of sweet feeling that was hitherto unfamiliar appeared through the pain.
“You come to me, next time we will deal with bondage” He buckled his pants and left.
He called the next day.
– Are you at home? – Yes, I’m home – Are you alone? – A girlfriend just left, now I’m alone, not counting the cat.

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– I will come to you soon and I will take care of you.
After 40 minutes at the door demandingly called.
He undressed just like yesterday, Galya served as a servant without a reminder.
Even in the hallway, he lifted her skirt “you pants, take off this stuff” She obeyed and when her panties went down to her ankles, he said: “Leave them there.
When I

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punish you let them hang on your ankles reminding you why you are being punished.
Her house was an old building and a beam passed through the living room.
He threw a cable through it, which is used by climbers, thicker than a normal rope, smooth and much more durable.
“Spread your legs as wide as possible.”
He tied her hands pulled them towards the beam.
He brought a black bag and removed from it a leather flogerr (a multi-tailed whip made of black leather).
– Will you whip me? -Of course.
After these words, he swung and floated down on Galina’s back.
It was painful and insulting that she was being treated like a thing, and some kind of new sweet feeling engulfed her.
Then the whip dropped below and her blows burned his ass.
Then he carved her legs and left her for 20 minutes (at this time he drank tea in her kitchen).
After 20min, he went into the room chewing a botebrod.
“Well, I remembered that the dominant is met without panties.
So that nothing hindered you at any moment? Yes, and call me Master “-Yes, Master.
After these words of hers, he untied her from the beam, removed her panties from her ankles and threw them away, led her to the bed, “lay on her back” – he commanded her and tied her ankles, then he pulled them to the back of the bed.
Hands were tied before.
After that, he took the usual hole.
After he finished, he untied her, said: “That’s enough for today.
Something I was tired with you.
Tomorrow we will continue “, got dressed and left.
The day after tomorrow the telephone rang and she heard his voice in the receiver again: “Are you alone?” Yes, Master.
-I’ll come to you now.
Take off your clothes and meet me naked.
immediately after the call, she went to prepare.
She took off everything, washed away, smelled.
This time, HE came a few minutes after the call.
The door opened to him naked Galya.
“Today it is already better, now in this form you will always meet me.
His hat on naked Gale looked very erotic.
He went into the room without taking off his shoes. “Look what I brought you.”
He got a collar out of a black bag.
– Will I have to wear it? – Of course for this I brought him.
He put a collar on her and fastened it.
“Now you will wear it constantly as a sign of your new position and that you belong to me.
“After that, he fastened the cradle to her collar and drew her into the hall. Granny private sex.

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