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Otherwise we will become ordinary martyrs.
Then there are no girls, no TV, only hell until the end of time among human sludge.
A month later, Anka was taken from the camera to the devils, to retraining courses where they shot porn for the central TV channels of hell, after a while she had to participate in a beauty contest.

Bitterly! – Phew, heat, – said Andryukha.

– How long are they still there? I shook my shoulders all the same, lost in my own thoughts.
Despite the early time it was really stuffy, the July sun was starting to get hot and it became clear – Saturday would be a match for the whole week.
The groom did not leave everything, he always dug like a girl going somewhere, which we often laughed at.
– What’s up with you? – continued to bother me my buddy.
– How came the funeral.
– Andryukh fuck off.
– there was no mood to talk, and even less a mood to explain something.
– Got it, got it.
– he raised his hands with the air of a surrendering man, and began to laugh away from me.
He was a great friend, we went to school together, trained together, then went to college to one department, got fucked together, shared fun pizdyuli to our debtors a little later, together we deprived our beloved girls then lost it then).

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I do not know how it turned out, but Andryukha always appeared where he was needed.
Eternally laughing, never resilient, a crest born in Russia, became my real brother.
Andrei approached the others, and immediately joined the conversation, and I was left standing alone with my black thoughts.
Today my companions decided to unite their hearts – Vadim and Alice.
I can not say that our relationship was very strong, but I received an invitation to the wedding, quite unexpectedly for myself.
I’ll be back in history for a while.
I met Vadim in the first year of the institute, a calm, balanced, athletic guy, on the basis of sports, we became friends with him then.
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