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I sit on your lap.
facing you
I cling to you so tightly.

I embrace your shoulders, feeling how your cock rubs against my pubis.
my girl is already wet all over and you, pushing the edge of the panties with your finger and grabbing my ass, you sit me down and string me.
I feel like you filled me up.
dozens of eyes are watching us.
absolute silence.
Someone came out, but the rest remained, but we do not care! I am swinging rhythmically moving your buttocks.
you twist me, then speeding up the rhythm, then slowing down.
I moan from yours, then soft, then confident pushes.
I bite your ears and catch your lips in motion.
I like what we do in front of the amazed public.
you dare and unbutton my blouse Lips caress the nipple through the fabric.
just flying away from experiences.
I rhythmically jump on you.
I like your caresses.
your pens on my waist.
stroking gently gently.
rising higher to my chest I never stop moving.
feeling your sweet touch, then one wall of my girl, then another.
as it penetrates deeply and hits the very bottom of the womb.
you sigh in unison to me.
head is spinning.
I feel that the ups and downs will be helping me soon.
podlazhivaesh palms under the buttocks and lifting lowered to the trunk of his penis.
I slip on you.
i’m so wet
and you like it a lot.
you kiss my chest, fingers penetrating under the bodice.
it’s not so easy and you unbutton my bodice, freeing my chest.
I like my freedom.
your fingers are already squeezing my nipples.
rub them.
you bring my chest together, you throw it apart and squeeze again.
Your tongue is already spinning on the nipple of the left breast, stroking my buttocks with my hand.
i sigh louder.
you grab the nipple like a baby and gently suck.

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biting his lips.
oh, how I like it.
I feel that soon the end of our adventure.
I moan loudly and catch minutes of blissful orgasm.
you end with me at the same time, pouring your part into me.
I silence on you, hugging you tight legs.
in the cafe is complete silence.
all shocked by what he saw.
I get up.
smile to you
kiss your lips and we hear applause.
I’m embarassing.
I do not even know why.
and leave the cafe, leaving you a lot of emotions and your smell on your palms.
Well, really no one understand my suffering? Summer, around millions of beautiful girls, who by their appearance just provoke me to a crime.
Do not dressing like this, they do not think what impression they have on me? Am I the only one, and all the other men are more indifferent? Does no one except me suffer these torments.
every second, every moment to think about sex and only about sex? Here comes a rather masculine woman, also dressed in camouflage colors.
I would never pay attention to her.
But why did she put on a completely transparent mesh instead of a blouse and didn’t put on a bra? I go to meet and, coming closer, I see better and better her large breasts whitening over her tanned belly.
She does not seem masculine at all.
I want her, I want more than my first love.
Is it possible that a normal man will pass by and not grab, do not close this stupid grid, do not bite into these sweet rolls with brown raisins of nipples, and come what may? No, everyone passes, hiding his eyes and swallowing drool.
I go down to the subway and, waiting for the train, I choose, in front of which of the beauties I sit down.
Wearing a short skirt, does the girl think that when I look at her legs I will mentally climb higher and higher until I present everything that I want? Moreover, skirts are tight, and most often allow you to clearly see the shape of the panties.
If the young lady in trousers, then sometimes they are so transparent that the desired place between the legs darkens even through a double layer of fabric.
I would be glad to kiss this place, if I fell on my knees in front of the girl, even without taking off her pants.
It’s summer, and many don’t wear pantyhose.
Therefore, I choose a girl who is not very pretty on the face, but in a rather short skirt and with bare legs.

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She is ugly, and men around pretty indifferent, maybe she does not have enough sex? Interestingly, if I approached her and politely offered to go to me without any formalities, buy condoms on the way and spend a wonderful night together, would she agree? Is a woman capable of this? Live sex cam ru.

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