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Everywhere he went, he was greeted with joyful shouts.
Tauno thought he sparkled brighter than anyone.
From the flooded glade the lights became as bright as day.

Slowly slipping through the air to the tables, the guest from the moon hovered near one, and the maidens flew to him, placing their trays with bottles of elixir there, and Luihad sent kisses to the earthly girls.
He was greeted with joyful shouts.
Some threw flowers into the air.
One girl pulled off her blouse and waved to her.
The holiday continued.
Moon maidens poured a potion, not dark, like the one brewed here, but a ruby-red transparent elixir from a distant silver Moon.
Tauno sat on the grass at a distance from the others, dancing with lunar maidens or drinking Luihad’s potion in joy.
One of the guys with the moon maiden ran past, they exchanged wreaths of flowers, and now the young man carried moon flowers, white, yellow and green flowers on his head, and the girl attached a bouquet of ordinary, field, small red flowers to his head.

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Luihad flickered among the dancers a few more times, then Tauno lost sight of him.
Ejana’s red clothes also flashed among them, mostly surrounded by moon maidens.
The girl has already managed to get drunk on potions, and staggered right in the dance.
Tauno thought she had gone over and it would be hard for her to wake up in the morning.
But it will be easier for her to part with virginity.
The last time he saw her was hanging on the arms of one moon maiden and whispering something in her ear.
Probably, about how much she loves her.
To Tauno himself, too, with her air ease, she slipped alone.
The young man was sitting on the grass, leaning on a tree trunk.
Noticing that he was sitting here alone, she swam up to him in the air with a glass of elixir in her hand.

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Tauno gratefully accepted the potion given to him.
The scorching drink of immortality as it did the last time brought him into admiration.
The taste of Luihad’s potion was like red-hot lava, and penetrated the young man at that very moment.
Although he was preparing for this, he coughed at the first moment, then he was thrown into a fever, then a sudden excitement rolled over.
The undiluted elixir acted on the whole body at once, and in less than a minute Tauno was already eager to merge with the moon maiden right here, now.
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