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Licking a cock that had just come out of his ass, Nikolai lost consciousness again from exhaustion.
Mrs. ordered to remove a strap-on from her and ordered slaves: “Untie this dog, drive a“ plow ”into his anus, place your hands behind your back, insert them into the glove, tie it up, tie your legs too and throw it in a cage, let it lie for a week in it, until oklemaetsya.
Today let it be as I said, but tomorrow we will see.

The slaves dragged the breathless body away, did everything as the Lady ordered, and placed it in a cage.
Arriving in her room, the Lady called Olka and asked: “You did what I ordered for you, let me report.”
– Mrs., I think that you will enjoy the holidays in the Maldives, there is a clear ocean, very beautiful nature, there is everything you want.
-You seem to read my thoughts, I myself have been thinking about the Maldives for a long time, went to the computer and see more about what they write about these islands.
She looked at the computer information on the Maldives and said to Olga: – Call the travel agency and order two trips to me and to yourself, should someone serve me.
Hotel choose the best, in general, you know everything, do as always.

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Olya was delighted that she was going with the Mistress, although she had in her heart suspected that the Hostess would take her with her.
She had already traveled abroad with Catherine several times to rest, but Catherine also went to rest without her.
The lady called Masha and told her to prepare a bath.
After washing, the Mistress ordered a massage for her, simple, – not erotic.
While the slaves were doing a massage, Olga reported the results of the trip.
– After two weeks of departure to the Maldives, we arrive in the capital Male, from there, 10 kilometers from Hulule airport, we will take a speedboat to Lankanfinol Island, where our five-star hotel will be located.
-It makes me happy, for a long time I have not traveled anywhere to rest.
And, you do not stop,

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continue to do massage, it is so nice.
The caring hands of the slaves slid over the body of the Mistress, doing a massage, trying to deliver as much pleasure as possible to their Mistress.
After the massage, Catherine watched TV and went to bed.
The next morning, waking up, Mrs. went swimming in the pool.
She loved to swim, so when she did the project for the house, an indoor pool was made separately, which you could go into without leaving your home.
After the pool, she visited the gym, which was equipped with the most modern simulators.
Catherine was constantly engaged in the gym and swam in the pool.
After classes, she took a shower and went to the solarium.
She also bought a solarium so that she could use it at any time.
Having dealt with the wellness procedures, she had breakfast, got ready for work and gave instructions to the slaves: – Untie this cattle, feed them with some kind of waste. Online sex hot.

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