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I uncertainly put Natasha palm.
She hardly moved inward, pushing the elastic walls apart.
Inside was not very smooth.

The walls were like corrugated.
I was afraid that I would make Natasha hurt, but she was silent.
An advanced palm met an obstacle.
I gently felt his fingertips.
The obstacle was convex, and in the middle of it there was a small depression.
I tried to insert the tip of my finger there, but Natasha stopped my hand: – Alyosha, do not, because this is the uterus.
I pushed my hand back a little and began to stroke the vaginal walls with my fingers.
– Natasha, it hurts you! – Not.
– Is it nice? – I myself do not understand, somehow strange, unusual.
Sometimes you touch something with your finger, so my languor rises to my throat.
Enough Alesha.
– Why did you need it, Natasha? – I wanted to check out what Leah felt.
– So what? – Probably, she had it somehow differently.
I started again.
Natasha, but I felt that I was not satisfying her.
The man feels good.
Too much was all for tonight.
To satisfy Natasha, something else was needed.
And then she helped me.
“Wait, Alyosha”, I stopped.
– Alexis, can I do one thing? You will not then scoff at me? – What are you, Natasha, you and Leah can do everything, don’t you know? Natasha kissed me, quickly jumped out of bed, snuffed for a minute in the dressing table drawer and came

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up to me, hiding something behind her back.
– Alyosha, close your eyes and do not open until I say.
I closed my eyes and felt that Natasha’s hands were touching my dick and wrapping him with something soft.
Then I felt that she was wearing a condom gum for all this.
– Now you can open your eyes.
I looked down and saw that my penis was two times thicker and one and a half times longer.

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– Alexis, don’t you think that I miss yours.
It’s just that something happened to me today, I just can’t finish it, and without it, I’m afraid there will be the same with me as with Leah.
Forgive me.
I assured Natasha that I understand everything, I am not offended at all, and if she thinks that she will be better off, then I don’t mind.
My member did not feel anything, through the layer of flannel and Natasha herself sent him to herself.
“Natasha, if it hurts you, let me know.”
“All right, Alyosha.”
Do not be afraid, come on.
Now Natasha did not lie motionless.
Her body trembled in time with my movements, light moans broke through clenched teeth, nails dug into my shoulders.
What happened to her was the same as with Leah.
The body also began to tremble and convulse, the groans turned into extended screams.
I could not stop.
Natasha cried for the last time, her legs squeezed my thighs convulsively and she spread out motionless beneath me.
I came to my senses, pulled out a member and ripped off everything from it.
Touched the face of Natasha.
Tears flowed from her eyes.
– Natasha, what’s wrong with you? – All is well Alyoshenka.
Lie down next to me calmly.
I lay down next to him, began stroking Naashi’s body.
Natasha opened her eyes, sat on the bed and laughed happily.
– Alexis, how I feel good and calm now.
My dear, what can I do for you, because you have not finished yet? Frankly, I have not thought about it.
It was enough for me, I rejected Natasha’s offer.
Exhausted, fully satisfied, we lay on the bed hugging.
Natasha, falling asleep, whispered to me: – Alexis, how good you are to me now.
, never before have I felt such complete satisfaction, I want you to have me ever again like that.
My dear, for the sake of it I am ready for anything, do after this with me everything you want, only.
“Will you finish soon?” – Elena cried loudly.
From her voice felt that she was nervous.
“It is now almost twenty hours, and we have already written that we are waiting for her after eight.”
“Yes, dear, now,” I replied.
However, he continued to sit at his desk in the office and sort out the whole pile of drawings lying in front of me.
I worked as an architect and could not just give up everything, despite the piquancy of what we had in mind.
In addition, to be honest, I did not believe that the visit would take place.
In fact, the idea to advertise in a newspaper of unequivocal content is nothing but idiotic, and it was impossible to name it.
And the ensuing correspondence in its essence was a real swine. Webcam ohmibod tube.

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