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She looked even worse in the morning, her face was swollen almost beyond recognition, the bruises turning to black and yellow, “Jesus Princess” I said as I sat up and reached for a cigarette, “You look like shit” “Thank you my darling brother, you know just how to make a girl feel special” Looking at me, she smiled and kissed my nose, “How long where you working black?” “How do you know I was working black?” “Because you stink” she laughed but kissed me again anyway, “The whole tour” I answered, “Three months” “In the South?” “You know better than that Princess” “Sorry” she said and bit my ear, “Come and wash me in the bath Dave” “Right” I said and rolled out of bed, “You run the bath and I’ll make the coffee” She laughed when I took the coffee up to the bathroom still naked, “My God David, did I sleep with you like that? Wpf command canexecute not updating.