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You have accepted any and all risks with no avenue of complaint.
” “I know that, D4,” Kendra acknowledged, “and you give me the same warning every time we land.
” “It is required by the Company,” D4 told her, “standard format.
” “I know, I know,” sighed Kendra, “so if I get killed, maimed or ravished, it is accepted that I knew the risks and agreed with anything and everything that may happen.
” “That is correct,” confirmed D4, “no computer would be so stupid as to agree to that.
” “Which is why humans have to carry out these long-range explorations,” countered Kendra, “we need more planets to colonise, or they will have to impose birth restrictions again, and that proved unworkable last time.
” “Well, at least try to stay out of trouble,” D4 insisted, “having expended time and effort into making you into an acceptable companion, I do not wish to have to go to the trouble of training another human.
” “Thanks, you are all heart,” countered Kendra, “if you are not careful, you will start growing fond of me.
” She left the ship, scanning the surrounding area, and setting her compass-lock onto the ship, ensuring she would be able to find her way back, no matter how convoluted a route she took.

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