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” “Oh Sir, isn’t that illegal now?” I protest.
“Well, if you’d rather I called your parents,” he says, and reaches for the phone.
“No, Sir,” I say quickly.
“You can do it if you like.
” “Come here then.
” He makes me bend down over the desk, my bottom in the air. Norma beatty nude.
I wonder if he can see my knickers from this angle; I’m glad I put on clean ones today.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see him raise his arm high, shoe in hand, and I brace myself for the impact.
The “thwack” when it comes isn’t too bad. Best cam chat sites.
In fact, it’s quite bearable.
But then I feel him start to pull my skirt up, exposing my plain white knickers.
“Sir!” I protest, “What are you doing?” “You’ve been such a bad girl, Anne, I think I’m going to have to punish you properly. Stoicaalinaaa random webcams foe adults.

” And then he takes hold of my knickers and pulls them down as far as my knees, exposing my bare bum.
“Oh Sir, that’s not right!” This time, he gives me a hard whack with the shoe, and I let out a squeal – that actually hurt. Partner naughty.
I feel the flesh of my bare cheeks wobble with each whack, and my flesh is starting to smart rather a lot.
Then there’s a different sort of whack, with something wider and warmer.
I look around, and he’s started spanking my bare bum with his hand. Dating marriage tour.
“Please Sir, don’t,” I protest, but that just spurs him on.
Each time his hand hits my bottom, he pauses to rub and squeeze my plump firm buttocks.
Sometimes he even pulls one of the cheeks to one side, allowing him to see the tight pucker of my arsehole and the little bulge of my pudenda.

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And the exciting thing is, the feel of his hand on my bare bottom is actually getting me sexually aroused.
With each slap, my cheeks throb more painfully; they’re starting to feel very hot and I can feel a tingle in my pussy as well. Throat gagging blowjob.
I touch my right breast through my shirt, and can feel the nipple’s got rock hard.
“Does it hurt, Anne? Does it hurt when I spank you?” On the word “spank”, he strikes me particularly hard, and I let out a little squeal. Lamar online sex.
“Answer me when I ask you a question, girl.
” Thwack! “Yes, Sir, it does hurt.

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