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Kate scooted up the bed as she removed her clothes and threw them on the floor.
Diane sat up on her knees and removed her dress too.
She tossed them in the same pile as Kate’s.
Kate lay upon the pillows and crossed her legs, playing shy for Diane. Human trampoline.
Diane took her hands and placed them on Kate’s ankles: she slowly uncrossed her legs.
She took Kate’s left leg and brought it up to her mouth, placing little kisses on her skin.
She ran her mouth and tongue down Kate’s long leg until she reached the top of her thigh. Anonymousadult chat room.
Diane bent over and started licking Kate’s clit.
She licked up and down her luscious lips, flicked her tongue on the little bud.
Kate moaned louder and louder with each flick, each lick.
Diane went faster and faster. Girlbbw92 usaxxx vidos.
Kate’s body quivered, her clit throbbed.
She put her hands on Diane’s head and pushed her harder into her pussy.
She felt her orgasm come over her.
She was ready.
Diane put her mouth over Kate’s pussy and sucked as hard as she could.

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“Oh yesss!! Here I cum!!” Kate started to squirm on the bed.
She lifted her back off the bed, grabbed the sheets with both hands, and her juices squirted into Diane’s mouth.
Diane didn’t let up.
She sucked and licked all of Kate’s cum off her pretty pink pussy lips. Nude photos of marianne gravatte.
She continued until Kate had another, milder orgasm.
“Please stop,” Kate begged.
“It feels so good, but I may have another one if you don’t stop.
” Diane looked up from between Kate’s legs at her new lover. Fucking sext kelly chate online.
“You are complaining about having a third orgasm?” “No, I just want you to have one too.
” “Oh, don’t worry, sweetie, I will have just as many as you.
I had one, just feeling you cum in my mouth.
Now lay there and let me do it one more time. Wants eating.
” Kate lay back and Diane brought her to another orgasm.
Once she was done, Diane made her way up next to Kate and they kissed.
Kate ran her hand down to Diane’s soaked pussy and began to finger her.

She brought Diane to a cum as they kissed. Horney and annapolis maryland.
Diane broke away and lay next to Kate as she came down from her orgasm.
Kate caught her breath too.
“Room service?” Kate asked.
“Yes please, I am starving.
” The girls put on robes and ordered dinner.
There was a knock on the door while the girls were kissing on the edge of the bed. Far back hairline jokes.
Kate answered the door.
The server brought the cart into the room; she signed the slip and he left, but not before he noticed their clothes in a pile on the floor.
His cock got hard that instant, knowing what these two beautiful women were up to. Simplyvine video java xxx mobile.
They ate dinner, drank some wine and talked for hours.
Diane put the cart out in the hall and joined a naked Kate on the bed.

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