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He’s a surgeon, and yeah, more than once he’s taken me on an exam table – a damn versatile piece of equipment.
“You want a whiff, Sir?” I say.
“Come closer and I’ll drown you.
” Realizing my hands are foolishly shielding my mound, I slide them to my thighs to complete my nakedness. Milfs in belize ri want to fuck tonight.
My gesture earns a laugh that is gentle, encouraging, and deceptive.
“Touche, Tessa.
You are more beautiful each time we meet.
” “Thank you, Sir.
” The compliment rouses my nipples.
“Tessa, stop playing coy. Lincoln nebraska man seeking black booty.
Wipe that salacious smile off your face and raise your head.
” I’m smiling? A subvocal shift in his tone tightens my chest.
Niceties are over, and, for a moment, I can’t obey, agonizing over and anticipating the bad things he’s going to make me do.

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My gut is in free fall, but my limbs are leaden.
“Tessa, look at me.
” Slowly, I will my eyes to journey from my feet to his dusty boots.
I pause for a breath, then climb his blue denim jeans, shuddering at a conflicted memory of unbuckling his belt with my teeth, the leather sour on my tongue, pulling it out of the loops, and sinking to my elbows and knees with my ass high in the air… Yeah, I’ll never again dare the man to do anything. Funny fantasy football screen names.
As always, Byron wears a crisp Oxford shirt, today a red pinstripe, the long-sleeves rolled to his elbows.
I hardly notice, fixated on the coils of rope draped over his left shoulder.
My pulse revs as the warm dew between my legs thickens to a hot, yearning slickness.

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My timidity falls away, and I stare boldly into his face, all masculine angles and planes, shadowed with a weekend’s worth of whiskers, handsome, but unremarkable except for his steel grey eyes – wolf’s eyes – framed by subtle crow’s feet that bespeak of roguishness and competence. Teens who sell their panties.
His smile exposes gleaming teeth behind delicious, full lips, his canines sharper than the norm.
Or, is it only my imagination? My eyes flick back to the rope.
“Yes, Tessa, the rope is for you, but not just yet. In man naked shower.
Now, spread your legs.
It isn’t becoming for you to stand so demurely.
” I separate my legs.