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It became ‘Tam’ instead of Tamera since she was calling me ‘Cee’.
Mom was now ‘Vee’ otherwise known as Virginia.
Tam texted me out of the blue on Friday reminding me of her offer to upgrade my workouts.
She had some openings and could squeeze me in if I was available. Dayton woman looking for fucks.
We’d do a body analysis, then talk about areas I’d like to improve followed up by a diet discussion.
I’d been with personal trainers before, but Tam was going the extra mile for me because of mom.
I wasn’t in that bad of shape I thought, so I didn’t think all this was needed, but I played along. Lesbian dating in baltimore.
We met in her private office.
I brought workout clothes just in case she wanted me on a machine or whatever.
Our session was very professional; Tam was personable.
She was dressed more modestly than when we first met, very professional with a friendly overtone since she was bedding ‘Vee’.

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I found her pleasant, listening to what she had to say about my current workouts and diet.
She told me that if I wanted, we could trim me down a bit while firming up areas to make me a better, injury-free runner. Webcam hairy pussy.
I liked the sound of that.
I discovered my body fat percentage was higher than I thought it was.
I knew my diet wasn’t helping at all.
I tend to eat out more than I should being single.
She offered to help me with recipes along with ideas for recharging my metabolism. Oklahoma city females wanting to fuck.
Eating at restaurants was a ‘cheat’ thing.
I should limit those to at least once every two weeks.
I nodded at that, telling her that was a weakness of mine.
She grinned then suggested some cross-training exercises for my running to add to my regular workouts.

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They would help keep me limber and less injury prone.
I was impressed.
Then she got up and locked the door.
I was starting to wonder what was going on.
She noticed my anxiety and laughed.
Oh, sweetie.
What’s wrong? Mega tits short stories. All I’m going to do is measure you so we can track your progress.
I laughed.
Sorry, I wasn’t sure what was going on.
I’m so embarrassed.
She reassured me, “You’re so cute.
No, the big bad lesbian trainer isn’t going to do anything to you. Anal ass butt fucked videos.
Especially since I’m sleeping with mommy or should I say, Vee.
” I blushed crimson.
I haven’t called her mommy in years.
I’m sorry, I’m just not used to someone your age with my mom.
Forgive me? Of course. Girl fuck lick cunt.
You’re free to use the locker room to change if you want.

I just thought it would be quicker here.
I didn’t mean to scare you.
I’m fine, Tam.
I’ve undressed in front of women before.
I trust you.
Okay, thank you. Pornstar transgender lick dick on beach.
Down to your panties and bra please.
She retrieved a cloth tape measure from a drawer, patiently waiting for me to strip.
She filled out a form as I removed my clothes.
When I was ready, I coughed.
She looked up at me with a smile. Hot and sex videos of actresses.
I’m going to start low and end high, Miss Cee.
She snapped the tape causing it to make a loud pop.
I jumped and she laughed.
Got ya! That helped relax me.
She dropped to her knees behind me wrapping the tape around one calf then the other. Celebrity gang bang.
She wrote down the numbers as I stood there.
Then she moved to my thighs.
Her hands glided over my skin like velvet.

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