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Next moment, Dale realised that the cane was no longer being rubbed from side to side across her bottom and then she felt the intense pain of the first stroke.
She knew she caught her breath and gasped and was quite taken aback by the level of pain and she suddenly wondered how she had fantasised for so long about being caned. Sexyinjeans live video calling girls usa.
The second stroke hurt even more and she knew she was shaking her head with her eyes closed tightly breathing in and out through clenched teeth with a hissing sound.
Dale tensed her bottom cheeks as she waited for the third stroke, and realised when it bit into her bottom that whilst she was expecting it to be almost unbearably pain-filled, she surprisingly found it, somehow, easier to deal with. Pinky licks ass videos ass.
It really did hurt, but she was able to focus more on the pain and realised that as well as hurting much more than she had expected, that pain linked to the humiliation of being bent over to present her bare bottom, and the feeling of submission that she had to a young woman Emma’s age, all put together, made her want to receive more strokes of the cane.

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Dale recovered quicker than after the first two strokes and looked at the floor behind her and again saw Emma’s bare legs and the hem of her school dress.
She gasped this time, not at the pain of the cane but at the delight of living out her fantasy. Texan woman milf nude pics.
Yes, the cane did hurt horribly, but her submission made the pain stand apart, and not affect the way the flutters were flying around her pussy.

Dale was still looking at Emma‘s bare legs when she saw her calf muscles tense, and knew Emma was getting ready for the fourth stroke, and, moments later she felt once again the searing pain as the cane bit into her already stinging bottom cheeks. Sweetbaby22 pro sex chat video.
Although she once again shut her eyes and shook her head and hissed in and out through clenched teeth, and wriggled her bottom from side to side to try and shake the pain away, although of course, that didn’t work, she really didn’t want Amy to stop caning her. Blindfolded wife gets big dick surprise big dick.
As the cane landed for the fifth stroke, and the pain was once again more intense, and Dale thought that was because of the buildup of the pain, it all became so clear as to why she had fantasied for so long about being disciplined by a young woman Emma’s age. Kathryn north dakota.

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