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What’s up?” she said as she reopened her eyes while laying there still in the comfort of his body against hers.
And then, out of nowhere she added “I like how this feels daddy…you holding me like you are. Panty exercise.
” “Really…you do honey?” he came back.
“Ohhhhhhh yes sure daddy.
It’s uhhh comforting.
Its feels like umm someone umm likes, no loves me daddy.
” “Mmmmmm, yes dear…I love you.
You know that.
In all honesty sweetheart I love how you feel…how your body feels in my hands and arms especially,” he told her. Webcam now sex tunisian.
“Really…you think I have an attractive body daddy?” she asked.
“Ohhhhhhh for sure baby…for sure,” he said.
“I mean a girl like you and a girl with a figure like yours…well dear I don’t see how any man could be turned off by a figure like yours honey. Anal rupture after sex.

” There was silence between them.
Nothing was said whatsoever.
He was still holding her and her boobs and she laid there just the same.
He loved how they felt and really wanted to squeeze them but he didn’t due to she hadn’t said a thing about it as of yet. Girl workout clothes hot.
The silence reigned on.
He continued to hold her body at her boobs.
The desire pushed him to want to do it even more and he spoke up about it, in a manner of speaking.
“You know you told me something earlier?” She asked what he meant. Curvybabe27 free chat horny russian girls.
“Well honey…I found it to be quite interesting.
” “What’s that daddy?” “You said earlier that you like to suck on your boobs.
Is that true?” he said.
“Uhhhhhh maybe I shouldn’t have said that,” she said.
“Ohhhhhh no,” he came back. Local sluts albuquerque.
“I don’t mind.
Girls, women have their needs right?” he replied.
“All girls know that.

I do at least.
I mean sure its arousing.
It is to me at least.
So if you feel the need…go right ahead.
Don’t let me stop you, alright honey?” She turned over. Virgin slut first anal fuck.
Their eyes met.
He smiled, humbly, at her, and she questioned what he’d told her.
He nodded his head as he smiled into her eyes and then he caressed her cheek.
“It’s alright with me,” he said again softly. Fantastic 40 s anal.
“You mean that honestly?” she said.
He nodded his head and continued to smile and as he did he touched her arm, gently.
“I mean it honey,” he reassured her as he nodded his head.
For a moment there was silence between them. Married white wife looking for a big thick cock.
“Okay…but I’m only doing this because you’re asking me about it…alright?” “Okay,” he said.
The two separated and she slowly lifted up her top, showing off these two luxuriously big round boobs.

She looked up at him as she gradually took hold of one of the boobs and she initially licked it and then she sucked on the boob. Vienna teng dating.
He adored how he had a first hand look at the action.
It was totally amazing to him.
It was arousing too.
One of his hands glided down between his thighs and once it was there he rubbed his crotch all the while she was going at her big round tit. Discreet bbw.
“Wow…do you do that a lot honey?” he asked.
His eyes were big and round.
“I uh guess so…yeah sure.
Uhhh did mommy ever do this?” she asked.
“Ohhhhhhh no dear,” he said as he shook his head, “never.
” “Uhhhhhh daddy…would you uhhh like to try doing it?” she asked. Thai teen nude.
“Uh oh God,” he said.
“Do you mean that, honestly?” “Only if you’re nice about it,” she said.

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