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Your genitals smell so good and sensuous.
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You moan and grunt loudly.
Your hands clasp the back of my head.
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Somehow, I know you aren’t faking it.
Not this time! You goddam little whore, you really are aroused, your masturbation dream of being violated by your own father turning to a hot erotic reality.

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You are my seventeen year old daughter, and I love you so much.
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My erect penis throbs with a lust that overpowers my morals, my sense of right and wrong.
God can look over my shoulder and watch, for all I care now.
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You beg me to stop, but your arousal only increases.
I can tell because your pelvis is rhythmically thrusting up to meet me.
My cock slides in deeper.
I’m incesting my own daughter.
I cannot stop.
I kiss your mouth deeply and my hand roughly fondles your luscious sexy tits. Chubyy mature 40plus.
They fill the palm of my hand.
I thrust again and again, each time my cock slides ever deeper.
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