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I took one last gulp and turned to head back into the bathroom.
Let me tell you about the bathroom in the master bedroom.
It is big.
I mean huge, almost size of a small room.
We have a whirlpool bathtub, double sinks and a glass enclosed shower that has 4 heads, a built in bench and could easily fit four or more people. Invalidating design patents.
I slid open the door and reached in to turn on the water.
I turned around, and there was Lauren sitting on the toilet.
make yourself at home,” I said laughing.
“Not too shy, I see.
” She just stuck out her tongue at me and stood up, flushed and walked past me towards the shower.
“You were right, we do need a shower,” she said as she brushed her hand against my hanging cock as she walked by. Dayianlove www sexvidio cam.
She stepped inside under the sprays.
“Well, aren’t you gonna joine me, Unc?” I stepped in and slid the door closed behind me.
Lauren stepped close and we hugged, letter the warm water rain over us.
I reached for the shower gel and sponge and she took one as well.

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We lathered up and proceeded to wash each other – all over.
She paid particular attention to my cock and balls.
Grabbing hold and stroking with her soapy hands.
Of course, by now, my cock was rising to attention. Adult gallery nude picture woman.
I pulled back a bt and we both rinsed off.
She had her back to me as she wrung out her hair.
I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms tight around her.
My hand closing softly on her tits, feeling her nipples harden again to my touch. Fort collins nude woman.
She pressed her ass back against me, my hard cock caught between us.
Lauren turned her head and we looked into each others eyes and I bent and we kissed, my hands now squeezing her tits tigher as she reached back and grabbed my hard cock in her hands. Nude camp in east bethel mn.
Almost instinctively, she bent over, clutching the shower bar against the wall.
I moved close and slowly slid my cock inside her tight, wet pussy.
She moaned loud as I pushed in all the way.

I stood still for a few seconds and then slowly pulled out and back inside her again. Secretary bathroom.
She was pushing back against me, taking every thrust.
We started moving in unison, I felt her hand reach under us and she grabbed my balls, trying to hold them as I pushed harder and deeper inside her dripping pussy. Garland van arkel funeral home oskaloosa iowa.
I could feel her pussy clenching and tightening around my cock.
She was moaning and talking louder and louder.
“OH, Yes, Uncle Mike.
fuck me again.
fuck me deep.
I love your cock in me.
” With that she started shaking and mumbling and pushing back. Updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck.
I looked down and saw she was also rubbing her clit as we fucked.
She screamed out one last time, “Yes.
Yes, now.

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