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Let’s get those panties off.
‘ Laura didn’t say anything, but remaining in position she snaked her hands up her legs and eased her knickers over her hips, and down.
They snagged on her garter belt and Jeff tugged them free. Naked women of the sec.
Her legs, encased in stockings, looked fantastic, as did her already reddened, full bottom.
He rested the leather on both cheeks for an instant, then drew back.
She didn’t move or make a sound as the first blow cracked across both cheeks. Live cam couples.
Three more quick, hard blows followed.
I was amazed at Jenny’s resilience.
Her cheeks were now bright red but she didn’t emit a sound.
Jeff clearly felt the same.
He drew his arm back further and really let rip, I knew that was what he’d done to me for my last two and couldn’t help wincing when the size 12 leather slipper made contact with a Crack!

Laive sexvedio chatuk. that echoed round the room.
Jenny jerked slightly but stayed down, and a tiny whimper escaped her lips.
Unconsciously, my hand crept between my legs.
The last blow was, if anything, harder.
The sound of the Crack! Saggy porn. was just fading when Jenny howled and leapt to her feet.
‘Jesus,’ she groaned, then looked quickly at Jeff.
‘Sorry, that didn’t mean to come out.
‘ I don’t think I could take another one of these right now.
‘ Jeff smiled.
‘As this is your first time with me, I’ll let you off this time.
‘ He tried to look severe.
‘Only this time, though.
‘ His attempt at seriousness was a tad undermined by the bulge in his shorts.

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Was that bigger than it had been when he’d finished with me? I made a mental note to explore this later, in private.
Jenny gave a little smile and walked stiff-legged towards me.
As she passed Jeff he whacked her backside again with the slipper. Anal training femdom boyfriend first time.
She yelled and leapt at least two feet, hands at her punished backside.
Her eyes flashed as she turned back towards him, then she saw the slipper flexing in his hands.
‘Suppose I asked for that,’ she said. Lerika pinoy chat free.
Jeff placed the slipper back in the cabinet.
‘Let’s take a break,’ he said.
‘And a drink.
‘ With a flourish, he produced a bottle of dark red wine and three glasses from the depths of the cabinet.

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