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Ella tried to control her once again erotic thoughts as she heard the first thwack and gasp from Lauren.
She still kept control when the second stroke landed and Lauren let out a louder gasp.
It certainly seemed that Lauren was handling the caning well compared to the two girls they heard being caned and wondered if Lauren would even end up crying. Female girl handjob penis slowly.
The third stroke drew a louder gasp and the fourth an even louder gasp, and Ella tensed her thighs and bit her lips as she tried to prevent an orgasm.
Luckily, by holding her breath, she succeeded even with the fifth and sixth strokes that brought a gasp and a pained cry respectively. Better than real artificial vaginas.
There was silence for a couple of minutes and then the Study door opened and Lauren stepped in to the room noticeably rubbing her bottom and her eyes, just like the earlier girls.

Ella glanced up at Lauren and saw the tears and sorrowful look on her face and watched as she spoke to Mrs Foster and was then dismissed from the office. Sodra afrikansk fargad fitta.
Ella was thinking how it was her turn next, but even so she jolted when the intercom sounded and the instruction given, “Send in the next girl, Mrs Foster.
” Ella gasped as she heard the order to go in from Mrs Foster and knew now was the time she would at last find out if getting caned was as erotic in reality as she had fantasised that it would be. Swm looking for a hispanic portland oregon.
She was already damp, she knew, as she made her way to the Study door and knocked.

She held her breath and still gasped again when the instruction was given to enter.
Moments later, Ella had opened and then closed the door behind her and then went and stood in front of the Headmistress’s desk. Butt slave handjob dick and anal.
Ella remembered Mrs Masters so well as a very strict lady but also a lady who always helped the girls and pointed them in the right direction.
She didn’t just do that when it came to discipline, but also when asked for help about which Uni’s to apply for and even pointers on what might be a good profession or job to aim for. Girls naked in the shower with a boy.
Indeed, it was Mrs Masters who suggested Ella become a Solicitor and she was certainly very thankful for that advice.

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