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I thought.
I can’t believe this.
I’m going to cum again.
!” I screamed, my breath all but gone.
And then it happened.
Matt knew I was going to blow and at the precise moment reached around with both hands and grabbed my cock. Tony braxton naked.
Stroking it wildly and thrusting his cock over an over into me, I began to cum and I couldn’t stop it.

Again my knees began to buckle under the pleasure of releasing again, and the feel of his cock in my ass only intensified my loss of strength, I fell to my knees with Matt following my down without missing a beat. Granny big black cock.
I was now face down in the shower, my ass sticking up and outward while Matt continued thrusting.
I had no energy left at all, no strength, all I could do was kneel there, bent over that he could continue to fuck me vigorously while I squealed like a girl.
___________ The sex lasted for several minutes as Matt was unrelenting, using me however he wanted while I could do nothing except allow him to continue.

Used facial multi function equipment.
I just closed my eyes, taking in the sensation, knowing that I had been made to cum by another man who’s desire and will was to fuck me from behind.

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