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Not a slow and leisurely stroking, but a fast and furious blur of my right hand on my cock.
I wanted to cum, and I wanted it to happen fast.
My hand flew back and forth on my cock, as I looked down and saw the two lovers below me, watching me with smiles. Free dating network sex.
Odd things come to mind at odd times.
This time it was Shakespeare.
Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene II.
“ Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world Like a Colossus, and we petty men Walk under his huge legs and peep about To find ourselves dishonourable graves. Tall coach of the lady panthers.
” I doubt my high school English teacher ever imagined that one of her students would actually recall the words of Shakespeare while jacking off in a threesome.

I doubt I ever imagined that either.
And then my work was done. Horny fillies get fucked in the club. Big tits porno.
My cock spurted out its load onto her.
It flew down and then dripped onto her breasts, around her nipples, onto her belly.
My pearly translucent fluid formed pools on her body and traced rivulets as it dripped down her milky flesh. Suck cock together riverside.
I got down from above them and began to dress.
In between briefs and shirts and pants and belts and shoes, I would come over and kiss her, and once or twice I would reach down and touch his now flaccid cock.

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I dressed and said my goodbyes.
They would remain behind, just the two of them, perhaps for more intimate goodbyes between them, perhaps just to clean up and discuss what had happened.
But I said my goodbyes and left. Short petite ebony girl.
Walking down the street back to my car, the outside world would never have known what I had just done.
I was just another anonymous stranger passing by other anonymous strangers, each with our own secrets that were never disclosed by the odd smiles on our faces. Pornstar jasmin sky.

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