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Adam stuck his cock head on my asshole and pushed it deeper.
“Yes, keep pushing,” I moaned.
“So fucking tight,” Adam groaned as he tightly grabbed my ass.
“Yes, deeper and harder,” “Harder… huh?” Adam said, “You mean like this?” Adam fucked me very hard for few seconds. Purchase online philippe matignon pantyhose.
“Oh fuck, yes, just like that,” I said.
I had cum once but Adam hadn’t cum, and the way he was stroking his cock in my tight ass, I felt like he was closer to cum.
“Are you closer to cum, Adam?” I asked. Ebony big tit milf strap prostitution sting.
” “Cum in my ass,” I said.
“What?” Adam was surprised to hear me.

“Yes, cum in my big fucking ass,” I said.
Adam didn’t say a word after that and kept fucking me hard.
Adam pulled my hair, spanked my ass and called me a big slut many times. Xxx free xxx chat.
I also moved my ass back and forth taking Adam’s cock deeper in my ass.
“Oh shit, I’m going to cum, Jennifer,” Adam said and I felt him unloading his cum deep in my ass.
“Oh, baby,” I moaned when Adam collapsed on my back. Boycumlatin malayalam aunty sex chats for read.
Adam grabbed onto my shoulder.
I guessed he had a very intense orgasm.
After a minute, Adam pulled out his cock and lay down next to me.

I turned to look at Adam.
We kissed and then he wrapped his arms around me. Offline dating sim.
After a few minutes, I got out of the bed.
I told Adam to get dressed, as we had to leave now.
“I wish we could stay a little longer here,” Adam said getting out of the bed.
“Don’t worry, we will fuck soon,” I said, as I planted a kiss on Adam’s lips. Male female live sex chat.
I knew Adam meant to spend time with me.
He wasn’t just interested in fucking me, but I mentioned fucking because I still did not want Adam to fall in love with me.

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