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His eyes widened in horror.
His mouth opened wide and the groan that left his lips came across as a worrying vulnerability; one that he knew he had no control over.
Even though the sudden swish of the cane shook him to his very core, he found himself relieved that the finger had been removed. Nightlydating com.
Sean reminded himself to have firm words with Eddie when, if-, he got out of this room alive.
Three more strikes of the cane and Sean was on the verge of tears.
His naivety, and his arrogance, had caused him to stiffen and clench his bottom; never once realising that stiffening always hurt more. My wife slid down her uncles 13in cock.
Mistress A and Melanie took their pleasure in turn.
Preparing him.
One strike to his backside.
One oiled finger slipping into his anus.
One strike to his backside.

One finger slipping in once, then twice.
“Mistress, it seems he’s enjoying this far too much. Mom fingering oilked pussy.
” Melanie’s sarcasm was completely lost on Sean.
But it did cause Alexa to look down at the end of Sean’s cock; a cock that had remained stiff.
Pre-cum dripped from its end and onto the floor.
Alexa was uncertain whether it was caused by the fingering or the caning, but it did not matter. Adult milfs dating.
“Shall I lick it clean, Mistress?” Mistress A nodded.
Melanie bent down to suck the cream from the end of Sean’s dick and the sensation pushed him to the verge of release.
She rested her tongue on the end of his slit as her finger once more pressed its way inside; sucking and thrusting in unison. Can you go from dating to friends back to dating.
Sean’s cock seemed to undergo an out-of-body experience.
By the time she removed her finger, pre-cum was dribbling out of the end.

Melanie’s hand reached forwards and spread it all over the end of his cock, onto his shaft and balls; lathering him in his own man juices. Her first screaming orgasm.
Melanie raised herself from the floor and walked around the pommel horse.
She bent down briefly to offer her tits to his welcoming gaze just before she removed the blindfold.
“Look in the mirror,” she instructed. Nude webcam mature.
Sean looked upwards, but could only see his own reflection in the lights that shone onto him.
His gaze then shifted from the mirror to Melanie’s tits.
The thought of pushing his cock into her cunt now possessed him. Bondage tube gasy.
Melanie rose from her position and flipped a switch to the side of the mirror as she moved around the pommel horse; caressing Sean’s backside as she did so.
Sean suddenly heard a scream but couldn’t quite place where it came from.

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He searched to his left and then right but all he could see was darkness.
He felt a finger wiggling on the edge of his anus.
Then with utter shock, he looked into the glass window in front of him; the same glass window that was previously a mirror; the cross polarisation, cancelled through the action of the switch allowing the light from the adjacent room to flood through. Black cock monster slut white.
It wasn’t the what that shocked him.
It was the who that was in the other room.
Her screams flooded from the Bang and Olufsen speakers on either side of the mirror, no expense spared, he thought.
Her mouth formed a wide ‘O’ in response to the cane that he could just about make out as it struck her backside. Webcam porn site.

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