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Just far enough so she could run her wet tongue up Jade’s neck, eliciting a contented purr.
She kissed across her jawline while a wandering hand caressed her sensitive pussy lips.
She momentarily stopped to remove Jade’s top, lifting it over her head and baring her beautiful breasts.
“You have a gorgeous body,” the young blonde stated, cupping both breasts in her hands and taking her time sucking and licking each impossibly hard nipple. Micheline bernardini bikini shot.
Jade sighed, her skin tingling, as Sky teased each in turn.
The licking and, at times, soft biting, combined with Sky’s probing fingers, were bringing Jade to the edge once again.
“Oh my, goodness.
I’m going to cum!” Jade exclaimed, feeling another eruption coarsing through her. Stockholm west pussy horny teen chat rooms.
This time Sky put her mouth on Jade’s, passionately kissing her as her body shook uncontrollably from this latest and more intense orgasm.

Jade slumped against the mirror, attempting to steady herself on trembling legs. Sweetpumpkin live sexy vedio chatting online.
Jade , her knees weak and head spinning, was escorted over to the bed.
“This time.
I want.
to make.
you cum.
using only.
my mouth,” Sky said between kisses.
She pushed her down on to the bed, spread the mature woman’s thighs apart and dove in. Boyfriend still goes on dating site.
Sky lapped hungrily at Jade’s labia, tugging on the sensitive, fleshy area with her pursed lips.
Usually she would tease a woman, driving her to sexual insanity.
Pushing her excruciatingly close to the point of no return, then allowing the build-up to subside. Slut tramp video.
But this time was different.
She desperately needed to taste Jade’s sweet juices.
She slipped her tongue past her soaking lips, darting it in and out at a maniacal rate.

She wanted to look up at Jade at the moment of euphoric bliss, taste her feminine flavor running down into her greedy mouth. Nice mp4.
Sky licked and sucked her engorged clitoris, sensing that the end was near.
With her head a blur of perpetual motion, Sky heard Jade screaming right before heavenly, sweet juices filled her mouth.
Sky kissed her way up Jade’s spasming form. Louisa ky single woman.
Jade lay there on the bed, sexually exhausted.
Sky kissed her softly on the lips, her pussy juice mingling on their roaming tongues.
They lay in each other’s arms, sweaty and completely sated.
A half hour later, Sky walked her to the front door and kissed her once more. Addictedchoco adult skype chat rooms.
A slow, breathtaking smooch.

The perfect ending to a spectacular, unexpected encounter.
It had been a few hours since Jade had walked out the front door.
Sky showered, fixed herself a nice dinner and went into the backyard to relax in the Jacuzzi. Xxx pornstar kaleah.
She made her way down the winding path, lit on both sides by long torchlights.
She dipped her feet in, then lowered the rest of her delectable, naked body into the warm water.
Sky closed her eyes, allowing her head to rest on the edge of the tub as she enjoyed the warm jets pulsating all around her. Courtney cox blowjob cougars.
She could hear the sound of heels clacking along the stone path.
As they drew closer, she opened her eyes, a wicked smile enlivening her beautiful face.
Her sexy smile widened when she saw the robe drop to the ground. Why girls like double penetration.
Smooth pale skin, covered in the skimpiest blue bikini came into full view.

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