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Oh, the people you meet online! Sounds almost like a book title by that writer, what’s his name…fine, I’ll stay away from sullying a children’s author’s name by linking it to my sexual experiences. Brook shields young nude.
I’ll get to the point.
Life online is like a box of chocolates, you never know what… Ok, I’ll stay away from paraphrasing movie quotes too.
I’ll cut to the chase – I met a woman online, and she wanted me to round out a threesome with her lover. Datingsitessex only.
Not her husband, but her lover.
Complicated? It’s sort of like math.
It’s better if you break down the problem into its basic elements.
1) I was married and was looking to have an affair; 2) I went on a certain online site that caters to my kind of search; 3) I began an exchange of emails with a woman, who was also married, and looking for an affair; 4) I met this woman once, and she told me that she had been in a long term affair for several years already; 5) She told me that she wanted me for a threesome with her lover.

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Got it? Ok, let’s move on.
After a few false starts, she disappeared from my radar.
Things were risky, she was afraid her husband knew something, her lover’s wife had caught him, and so on.

Short story – she and I met once, and that was all. Fat pussy hookers 37072 fl.
Thirty minutes of talk.
No sex.
No affair.
No validation of my parking ticket.
Fast forward several months.
Out of the blue, an email comes to me from the woman.
“How are you?” she asks, “I just wanted to catch up and see how you are…” Out of the blue. Screaming ride.
Some further email exchanges, and we agree to meet, just as potential friends, for coffee.