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There is one homeless man who comes on as often as he can.
I think he does, just for the warmth of the bus.
It being mid November, it has gotten really cold already.
I think it’s going to be a very frigid winter. Sabrina boing boing xxx.
I keep hoping that snow doesn’t fall, I really don’t like snow.
The upside is, I don’t need to clear off my car.
One more person catches my eye, she comes on just during the week, so I’m guessing she has a good job. Huge tit japanese.
She looks to be in her late twenties.
We’ve not really exchanged hellos but have nodded towards each other.
She is always on her BlackBerry, giving me another reason to think she has a good job.

It sure beats mine, I work at a diner during the week and on the weekends I bartend. Hidden camera foursome. Big tits porn clips.
She has a stylish look, which is what caught my eyes at first glance.
She has long, light brown hair that she usually wears down, it hangs past her shoulders.
To me, it looks like silk.
I have thought more than once to touch it. Esmeraldastar skype free sex chat.
She has pretty blue eyes, they don’t seem to sparkle though.
I’m not sure she is very happy, most people’s eyes sparkle when they’re happy.
She’s fairly slim but with enough curves that make me bite my lip, wanting to see more.

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It’s a Thursday and the bus is full, it’s first thing in the morning and people just keep piling on.
All the regulars, plus others are on today.
I’m one of the first pickups, also one of the last drop-offs. F dick 1905.
I’m at the back of the bus, waiting for the few at this stop to come on.
We’re one away from where the girl whose name I’ve not learned yet comes on.
I do look forward to seeing her come on.

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