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They both wore the NaughtyNess company shirt with the logo on the chest, Bernie wore a very tight leather pencil skirt to go with hers, Chris wore some fabulous leather jeans.
Bernie came walking over with her hand outstretched in front of her, she had a sexy grin on her face, she was a good looking woman.
“Welcome to our sexy kingdom honey ” She laughed in a giggly way, took my hand and guided me through the shop as Chris served the customer with a German Goo Girls video. Lady_doctor sexy chat lobby.
“ Let ’ s get you fixed up with that kinky outfit, shall we honey ” Jim had been right about Bernie, she was a flirtatious woman and seemed like great company, she opened a large box and took out the outfit that I was to wear on the night of my debut. Meet swinger in pubs.
I was impressed as she took each item out and lay it on a table beside shop the counter.

Leather button fly shorts, Doctor Marten style boots which would fit about half way up my calves.
I was to wear white hiking socks tucked over the top of the boots. Funny upbeat songs.
There was a black fishnet vest, black leather choker collar with a leash link in the centre, black studded wristbands and black leather driving style gloves.
“Right honey, the changing room is in the corner, get your gear on and lets have a look at you in it ” Bernie said as she handed the pile of clothes to me, it was a bar boys uniform that their shop provided for the network. Nick lang izabella frank gun lauro giotto.
I put the outfit on and if felt amazing, the shorts were skin tight and fitted perfectly, it was the softest leather I‘d ever come across and felt incredibly sexy against my skin.
I had my reservations about the boots when I first saw them but they went with the outfit perfectly.

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Once I’d put everything on I looked in the full length mirror in the changing room.
I couldn’t believe the reflection was me, I liked it, a lot.
“You sexy fucker! ” I said to my own reflection in that cramped cubicle and rubbed at the growing bulge in the shorts. Emma starr interacial gangbang.
I’d said the words a little too loudly as it turned out, I heard male and female laughter coming from the other side of the curtain.
“Well come on then, let ’ s have a look at you ” Chris called out.
“Let us be the judges of that” I dramatically swished open the changing room curtain and walked into the shop itself, both Chris and Bernie wolf whistled as I appeared. Web cans sexo tampico.
Bernie told me to spin around to give them a full view.
“Hey, nice fucking butt honey, let me get a hold of that ” Bernie said as she came over and stood behind me, grabbing my arse with both hands.

She didn’t let go, massaging my cheeks with her hands, I felt her breath on my neck as she put her mouth near my ear. Sluts tongueing assholes.
“Oh yes, honey.
That is a lovely, peachy fucking butt” I got a shiver down my spine as her lips touched my earlobe.
“I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off you” I felt her hands move around to the front of my shorts, she left one stroking my cock through the leather of the shorts, the other strayed up to caress my chest through the fishnet. Free lesbians in lace porn.
“Nice, so fucking nice…” Her tongue went inside my ear and I almost turned around to give her a full on French kiss, I don‘t think she would have minded.