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My favorite.
I couldn’t even sit down before she poured me a glass of wine.
We ate, drank, and caught up after not seeing each other for about a week.
We talked about my boyfriend, and trash talked the aforementioned douche bag that had used her for sex and didn’t call her again. Anilos victoria valentino.
Before I knew it, I was pretty tipsy.
She is the epitome of a pusher when it comes to drinking.
After Nina got decently drunk (which always takes longer than me) she turned on some early 2000s hip hop music, which is our favorite thing that plays when out at the club. Jr nude models tube.
We did the typical sleepover stuff, like taking pictures together, videos of us dancing, etc.
We danced with each other, and the drunker she got, the more sexual it became.
I could tell the direction it was heading.

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She has this classic look in her eye, and unintentionally bites her lip.
I didn’t realize until that moment that this was her tell, because usually by the time it happens I’m too drunk to pay much attention. Big dick anal pics.
This time, I was drinking slower.
She wasn’t, so she didn’t notice.
As we were dancing and taking pictures in her room, she took a few where she was kissing me on the cheek, over and over again.
That turned into her sloppily planting a kiss on my mouth afterward. Blowjob through pants first time an overdue.
She kept doing that, and eventually (as usual) that turned into us making out, laughing, and dancing.
It truly was like a typical college girl scene out of a movie.

We collapsed on her tall bed, both out of breath from dancing to “promiscuous girl” by Nelly Furtado & Timbaland. Salma hayek boobs topless.
Nina looked at me and said, “God, Sarah, I love you.
We honestly have too much fun.
” We gush about how great the other one is for a time while we’re catching our breath.
The song “drop it like its hot” came on, and I squealed in excitement and jumped up.
“Dance with me! Bikini top skirt. I love this song!” I screamed.
Nina shook her head and said, “No you!” She grabbed her phone and seemingly responded to a text.
I put my hands on my knees and wave my butt around in front of her, trying to get her to come dance and stop being lame. Who is dating shandi finnessey.