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How ya like your red meat cooked?” “Medium rare.
” “Ready in five then.
Git yourself some ‘tater salad, macaroni salad, chips, whatever.
Don’t touch those brownies ‘less you want to be mooing at the cows later. Post operative breast reduction.
Got cookies if you need something sweet for after.
” Racer X and Dew Drop stroll up with resin chairs and sit next to us as we’re eating.

Sensei finishes his steak and starts playing hacky with Racer X, a few other guys, and a petite girl name Hard Time. Teen girls spread legs squirt.
They’re holding beers and playing a variant that requires drinking when they miss the sack.
As each one finishes his beer, he drops out.
Dew Drop taps my arm and asks, “Get your tension from your first jumps all worked out?” I laugh.
“Yep, got my toes curled and straightened.
” “Heard you.
” “Heard you, too.
” “Life’s good.
” “It just got a lot better for me.
” “Sensei looks happier than I’ve seen him in a year at least.
” “Something he ate agreed with him.
” She laughs, “He sure picked a good one this time, Randi.
” “Thanks, Debbi.

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Um, why did he call you Trixie, earlier.
” “Because I called him Karl.