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But before he could reach the passionate summit, they gently flipped him over and Thissle started working the lather through the fur of his back while Karma scrubbed his tail; the normally thick bushy appendage, now waterlogged, looked more like a rat’s than a squirrel’s. Ts jessie martinez.
He closed his eyes and chirred softly as these two ladies gave him the soapy massage, so relaxing, all muscles except one turning to putty under their tender care.
Reflexively, his legs parted as the twin brushes touched his bottom, moving with smaller but firmer circles over his well-toned nether flesh and between his cheeks, then down the backs of his thighs, and back up again for a second run over his rump. Bose mobsex.
He sighed happily as they finished with final strokes again along his inner thighs.

For the final touch, Karma and Thissle exchanged another look and nodded silent acknowledgment to each other.
Like a pair of headsman’s’ axes, the bath brushes were raised high above their heads, then after a brief moment, they swung down in graceful arcs and the flat sides of the wooden blades landed hard on the Squirrel’s wet, soap-slicked butt, each one firmly striking a cheek, not once, not twice, but three times. Bc rich serial number dating.
Hansen should have expected this rear assault, but the kiss of the bristles kneading his flesh through his wet fur had caused him to relax into a state of bliss so intense, that he was taken completely by surprise. Pop up speed dating wowcher.
The first pair of swats had jolted him awake, his dark eyes wide as saucers.
The second pair made his back arch, his front half lifting up off the deck as the sharp bite of the wood against his bottom fully registered with him.

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The third pair of smacks finally caused him to yelp out.
With a quiet whimper, he reached behind him and rubbed his wet, stinging rear end, then the girls helped him to his feet in the tub.
They gave him that devilish smile again, set the bath brushes down on the deck, then all three disappeared beneath the steaming water to rinse the soap off of skin and out of fur. Miranda204 malayalam live sex chat on mobile.
Shaasta was never a screamer.
The Elf girl had always been a moaner and a most delightful squirmer, ever since she and Frelic first coupled as tender tails that night so long ago in the Kalthani Peninsula’s seaside city of Otterport. Big busty chaz.
Down on all fours like a wild pony, Shaasta’s femininely wide bottom pressed hard against Frelic’s groin and stomach.

Her tight, hot sex flexed hard around his shaft as it pounded hard inside her.
He squeezed and kneaded her breasts, her perky, sensitive nipples pinched painfully, pleasurably between his fingers. Wep sexy chating.
His hands then slid down her front, caressing over her trim stomach and gliding up around her hips; they began slapping a hard, feral drum beat on his sister’s beautiful, paddle-reddened ass as he felt a heat wave flow over his entire body. Big boob bent over sex.
Shaasta moaned and whined, her thrashings beneath her rider growing stronger as the rhythmic smacks of her brother’s hands on her rear intensified the unquenchable burn growing within her depths.
Each thrust of his hard shaft in her sex driving her farther up towards the summit of the Mink’s Mountain. Totalfetish runetka erotichnie.

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