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She was nibbling on both.
The sensation was driving Elaine wild.
Elaine was moaning, groaning and giggling.
She could not keep up with the feelings that were flooding her.
She was warm and floating with emotion. Myday2017 xxx malayali sex.
Her best friend was making love to her and she was lost in the moment.
She loved it.
Something was happening that she had only dreamed about.
She was so happy.
Her body was reacting to the attention.
Her sexual fire was burning brightly. Mature mom cumshot.
It was a bonfire.
Sara was sucking on Elaine’s nipples and something strange happened.
She was rewarded by some liquid from the nipple.
Elaine was lactating.
This was different, because she was not pregnant and had not had a baby. Fat pussy ebony teen fucked deep.
But it was turning them both on even more.
Sara’s hands moved down Elaine’s body to her waist and onto her legs.

They started to massage her thighs and move up and down.
She was moving slowly and the sensation was growing toward the v between her legs. Prettyblonde sex en cam.
Elaine’s womanhood was gushing now.
She had three orgasms from all the attention to her head and breasts.
She could feel her pajamas had gotten wet from the earlier caresses.
Elaine moved her hands down to the tops of her pajama bottoms and started pushing them down. Girls getting fucked from huge dicks.
She wanted Sara NOW.
Sara took the pajamas off.
Elaine was now fully exposed to Sara.
Elaine’s curly pubic hair was glistening with the juice from the earlier action.
She wanted more.

Elaine moaned, “Sara please kiss me down there now. Anal ass butt fucked videos.
I want you so badly, I can’t wait.
” Sara slowly moved her hands around the area teasing her.
She was fanning the flames higher.
Elaine was bucking and moving her hips trying to get Sara’s hands to focus on her womanhood. Bioshock big sister porn.
Sara got up on her knees and moved between Elaine’s legs.
Elaine spread her legs really wide in anticipation of what was next.
She really wanted it now.
Sara started kissing Elaine’s thighs.
She moved up one side and then the other. Female homeowners seaside heights home repairs for pleasure.
This was driving Elaine wild.
She was wriggling around, bouncing up and down, screaming and moaning.
Sara moved her lips above the top of the slit and kissed the curls.

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