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I don’t think you have many supporters left up there.
From what I heard while addressing your wounds; most of the people who supported you coronation quit breathing the air of this world.
” he words fell over me like a eulogy of my own.
“What do you mean?” I asked the tears coming to my eyes again.
“I mean your maid, your tutors, cousins, guards, everyone that would have stood for you has been murdered. Bedava cam chat.
Your body, or a cameo, was found last night in your chambers, slaughtered.
For all intensive purposes, you are dead.
” he said turning towards me, “Look I can get you to safety, but from there your life is your own.
” “Thank you,” I whispered to shocked to say anything else. Pov bubble butt anal movies.
I followed the thief down the stairs and through a hatch that leads down into a dark tunnel.

It felt like we had been traveling for hours and hours, maybe even days before he brought me to a steel door in the wall of one of the tunnels. 18 cam.
I would never have even seen the doorway had he not lead me to it, so great was its camouflage.
“Where is this?” I asked.
I could hear the exhaustion in my voice.
“Safety that where this is,” he replied, and we entered a small room containing a bed, shelves built into the wall and not much else. Female seeking submissive male lege.
He dropped a backpack to the floor that fell with a clatter.
Whatever was inside was jumbled all about.
I watched as he locked the door and pressed several runes inscribed in the steel in a quick sequence. Amalie09 fre onlain xxx vido chat.

He pulled his shirt up over his head revealing a lean muscled body covered in thin scars.
There were small stitches on his left arm that had broken and several small cuts on his stomach and torso.
He tossed the shirt aside and took linen from a shelf, along with a clay pot.
“What is that?” I asked watching him clean his wounds and then dab the cloth in the paste and put it on his injuries.
“Medicine,” he answered gruffly. Lady sonia tranny handjob.
I could tell this guy would just be a pleasure to be around.
I was not sure what his problem was but I couldn’t wait to be rid of him.
He finished up and stood.
“Come sit,” he ordered.
“Maybe a please or your highness,” I mumbled but did as he told me. Tontogany oh bi horney housewifes.

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