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The girls smile and say hello each hugging their older brothers first and then the other.
The boys 7 inch Cocks are already starting to stir for their little sisters.
Who just happen to be wearing the guys favorite tops. Mistress piss slave story training.
Matt and I are best friends roommates and jerk off buddies, We both have huge crushes on our little sisters and each others sisters, they are usually what we talk about while we stroke our hard cocks.
our sisters of course have no idea. Virgins sex models.
We have always been close with our sisters, hugging them whenever we can, and sometimes they would lay on our beds with us watching a movie on our laptops, not quite cuddling but close, we have missed them since we moved out.

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After dinner the girls say they want to build a fire and wear pajamas and watch a movie, so we find a movie while they change, The girls return each in their t-shirts still but now with little shorts, and no bras, we then go change into pajama pants and t-shirts, Matt says can you believe they are wearing our favorite tops, I know I reply I miss seeing Gracie in that pink shirt, when we return the girls are each on one of our couches.

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Guys Gracie says we have missed our big brothers can we snuggle while we watch the movie? um sure we say barely able to hide our smiles.
our luck it seems is continuing.
Gracie slides in beside me while Nikki and Matt get comfy on our other couch, My little sister looks and feels great cuddled up next to me and my Cock is growing rapidly, I am moving around trying not to let my hard cock press into her but every time I move Gracie snuggles closer, I give up and enjoy my Cock throbbing into my sisters side. How to draw nacked girls.

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