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Some people, they act one way at first, then you get to see the real them later.
I know it’s lame, but at least you found out about him early.
” “I guess,” said Connie.
“It’s just.
you know, when he said that. Jokes about stress in the workplace.
about my leg.
” She stopped, feeling tears well up.
” Simon reached over to catch her hand.
“He was a jerk.
Some day, you will find someone who doesn’t care about that scar.
Or who loves it because it’s part of you.
” Like me! Alexis adams porn pros. A voice inside him cried out.
He ignored it.
“The scar is just a mark.
It doesn’t define you.
Anyone who can’t see past that doesn’t deserve you, anyway.
” “Thanks.
” Connie managed a small smile.
“How is it you always know what to say to make me feel better?” “Ancient Chinese secret.
” He grinned.
“Now, what movie shall we watch?” “Let’s watch something at home. Riding bad dragon.
I’m too tired to go to a theater.
At least if I fall asleep at home, I won’t be wasting money.
” Shall I pour or shall you A cup of shared remembrances or renewing an old affair A simple ceremony of life and loving We have so many do we not So many simple ceremonies in our lives Sharing good times and bad Sharing the ceremonies of hope and fear and death and joy Such joys we share in simple ceremonies A welcoming hug a kiss a sigh a loving embrace as we live and before we die Knowing that you’re there and I am here for you During all the simple ceremonies to come Gestures of understanding and forgiveness we express through simple ceremonies Nodding smiling caressing a cheek or wiping away a tear Simple gifts ceremonies testaments to the love we share Touches glances waves of recognition and embraces for the lovers in our lives The many lovers and loves But you my love are here and will be forever forever my love sharing the rituals and ceremonies of desire and conssumation.

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And we become so much more than we were and remain what we are Laughing together chuckling giggling tickling dancing dancing the ceremonial dance of love and fruition sharing a ceremony of recognition of unquelled humanity and unparalleled humaneness and unequalled acceptance of love I retired the very day I turned sixty-two, that was several months ago now.

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I’m lucky to have a few good buds from work that I frequently talk to, but I do miss the guys.
Yesterday a few of us met at our favorite watering hole near the office.
Seated across from us were four college-age girls, one as cute as the other. China sex teen party.
But one, a natural blonde with gorgeous long hair and big boobs, she was special.
Every time I glanced her way, “Damn, what a doll,” I thought.

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