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After months of self-recriminations and soul searching, I resolved to continue my pursuit of the mysterious men’s club by engaging a private investigator.
I told him everything I knew about the club; its location and the night that it operated being the sum total of my knowledge, and one week and $2000 later he presented to me the following information, some of which I outlined earlier: it is called The Winsome Widow; it is not a registered business, nor does it appear to collect dues from members; bank searches of Evan and other members reveal no payments to a common and suspicious vendor; and the building is owned by something called The Adley Family Trust, although it is not the listed residence of any person. Female fuckign shemale cum.
He took photographs of several members and managed to trace the names of most of them; he surreptitiously interviewed their spouses and friends but came up dry; no new information.

And that was it! I thought it was going to be a complete waste of $2000 until he went through the photographs with me; they were all unfamiliar – even with the names supplied – until the second last one: Riley Campbell, a senior partner at my very own firm. Surprise recording.
Jackpot! I wasn’t immediately sure how this helped; I already knew the identity of one member, Evan, and that was no help to me.
What I needed with Riley was some leverage; something I couldn’t get from Evan… a sex scandal with a junior associate perhaps. Detailsview dropdownlist not updating.

Most men wouldn’t care, but a powerful man? A married man? Such a man might be prepared to part with one secret to keep another one.
~~~ My chance came barely a month later when the partners funded a celebration for landing a big new client at work. Tattoed amateur.
I had arranged several opportunities to bump into Riley in the office, smiling and flirting with him, making sure he knew my name and knew I was single.
It wasn’t actually that difficult; I found him attractive for an older man, and he was smart and witty and a good conversationalist. Red head girls squirting pussy juice interracial.
On one of our ‘chance encounters’ in the kitchen, I actually found myself giggling behind my hand and flashing my eyes at him, not because I was trying to seduce him, but because I was genuinely flattered and entertained by his attention. Blindfold sloppy blowjob beach bait and blowjob porno.

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